How To Make Super Easter Baskets on a Budget

Easter is one of the significant celebrations among Christians. Tradition and time create customs for people to follow and celebrate. Giving Easter baskets is one of the most valued traditions. It reminds people the happy day when Jesus was resurrected after dying on the cross. Next Easter, consider giving a personal touch to your Easter baskets even if you have a limited budget. All you need to do is follow the tips below:

  • Set your budget and stick to it. Use what you have like gift wrap, used and unneeded clothes, craft items, cartons, and bottles. Determine the items that you have to buy. Set a realistic budget based on what you need to buy and how many persons will receive a super Easter basket from you. Allocate your budget at least a month before Easter so you won’t cram and make unwise shopping decisions.
  • Give uniform gifts. It will be easier and cheaper to give uniform gifts. You don’t have to conceptualize on different designs. Stick to one basket design. You’ll get special discounts also if you’ll buy in bulk.
  • Decide on what will be put in the basket. Common Easter gifts are symbolic religious items like crucifix necklaces, cross pendants, wall crucifix, religious posters and scriptures. These can be expensive, though. Spring-themed flowers, marshmallow, jelly beans, mini wrapped chocolate eggs in Easter foil, Easter ham, Easter eggs and toothbrushes are cheaper and useful.
  • Look for discounts and promos. There are stores that give special prices during this time of year because of competition. Visit local stores and boutiques in your area to determine their sale schedule. Most stores and groceries have three days to a weeklong sale. Visit the stores during the first day of their sale so you can get the best discounts and promos. A great example of these thrift stores is Wal-Mart. You must also visit Christian bookstores and boutiques to hunt for special discounts.
  • Buy medium-sized Easter baskets. The smaller the basket, the fewer gifts can fill in it. So, you’ll spend less, too.
  • Design your super Easter basket. Medium-sized baskets can look elegant if you tie a yellow or pink ribbon on them. You can hang a rosary or clip some scriptural verses on paper. Do as you please on the basket. As long as it is pleasing for you, it sure will be pleasing for those who will receive the basket. For ideas, check store displays or online pictures of Easter baskets.
  • Arrange the gifts in the basket. Neatly put the items based on size or durability. Hard and big items should be at the bottom and softer and delicate items should be on top. It’s a nice idea also to put the most important gift on the top of the other items.

Don’t forget the real meaning of Easter. Don’t get swayed be the allure of giving and receiving gifts. Remember that the goal of gift giving is to help people remember Jesus. Always remember that Easter is celebrated because of God’s unconditional love.

Don’t worry also if the Easter baskets contain cheaper gifts. It’s not the material things you will give to people that counts, but it’s the act of remembering them and helping them to become closer to Jesus.


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