How To Make Your Own Metal Jewelry Holder

It is important to have some sort of container or hiding place for all your valuables. This in turn provides you with the necessary security for your most-coveted possessions or simply gives you an opportunity to brag them off. Metal jewelry holders, also called jewelry boxes or jewelry tins, are designed specifically for hiding your jewelry or just for holding them. You can make your metal jewelry holder into any shape or style and in any size, keeping it mind that it should cater to the kinds of jewelry you have.

Constructing this kind of container is usually done by metalworkers or jewelry-makers as training ground for improving their basic techniques in working with metal. For you to keep your precious pieces of jewelry safe, follow the steps on how to make your own metal jewelry holder.

  • Gather the needed materials and equipment. For your metal jewelry holder, you would need sheets of metal, a Jeweler’s saw and blades, a good working bench, sandpapers, blowtorch, pickle pot, tongs, fire bricks, anvil, mallet, paintbrush, small solder pieces and soldering clamps, safety goggles and polishing cloth.
  • Choose your material. Begin by choosing the kind of metal you would want to work with. Silver and brass are good suggestions for your container. Measure the length, as well as the circumference of the cylinder you are going to construct. Remember to consider the type of jewelry you are going to put in your metal jewelry holder.
  • Construct the body. Using a pencil, draw rectangular cutting guides, utilizing the acquired values for length and circumference directly onto the metal sheet. Cut the metal sheet by using a jeweler’s saw. Using files and sandpaper smoothen the cute edges. Remember that it is best have smooth edges when soldering.
  • Solder the item. Merge and anneal the rectangular piece by using a blowtorch then let if fall into the pickle pot utilizing the tongs. Dry off the rectangle after cooling. Using a mallet, shape the cylinder placed on top of a curved or rounded anvil. Remember to keep your cylinder rounded and that the edges fit nicely. Solder the edges together then paint a certain amount of flux at the ridge of the two edges. Place small solder pieces along the said joint. Remove the torch after the solder comes in contact with the “seams.” Place your cylinder into the pickle and pot and allow it to cool. Get rid of excess solder by filing and sanding away the said cylinder. Trace both the top and bottom of the cylinder. Use one of the circles as the bottom of the cylinder, and then solder it as you did before. Remove all unnecessary and excess metal so that you would have a very smooth container.
  • Finish the lid. Obtain a ½ inch wide rectangular piece of metal- that is almost having the circumference of the top of the cylinder. It should not be as big since you would fit it on top of your container later. Anneal and construct a circular shape out of the rectangular sheet of metal. Solder the seam. The circular sheet of metal should fit in comfortably but not too tightly for this would be used for your inside lid. Make the other traced circle bigger then cut it out. After estimating the proper positions of both lids, seal them together. Using files and sandpaper, remove excess solder and metal at your preference. Using a polishing cloth, polish your newly constructed metal jewelry holder.

The next time you come looking for your jewelry, you would be assured that they’re intact inside your very own metal jewelry holder.


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