How To Make your Own Prince Purple Rain Costume

If you’re a certified movie junkie or plain nostalgic about the ‘80s, Purple Rain is the right thing for you. Created in 1984, the classic film made Prince, its primary protagonist, gain a ton of popularity and become an instant hit! Prince’s look is considered one of the most iconic images of the ‘80s.

Whether it’s for parties and celebrations or other ‘80s themed occasions, dressing up as Prince from Purple Rain has become a popular trend nowadays. Making the costume might be an overwhelming task, requiring a lot of money, time and effort. On the other hand, checking out local shops for affordable yet durable clothes that you could use to create a good Prince purple rain costume would certainly go a long way. Here are some tips on how to create your very own Prince Purple Rain costume.

  • Look for a quality design and print it out. Search the Internet for a good full-body image of Prince or his complete costume list. You can use Google search for this one. Print the picture out to serve as guide when you make the actual costume.
  • Search for the needed fabric and other materials to be used. It is clever to check retail shops. Check these stores for useful pieces of clothing at affordable prices. Ask around for sales and other discounts. Use eBay only as a last resort.
  • Combine and modify the top. When you’re done with all the shopping and locating of the needed articles, you can begin constructing your own costume. Dye the jacket you brought purple by using a fabric dye. After the dye has incorporated to the fabric, attach pyramid silver studs on the right hand shoulder utilizing any applicable fabric adhesive. If you were not able to obtain an almost exact replica of Prince’s purple jacket, a burgundy-colored one will do. Just make sure that the one you got is indeed appropriate for that characteristic 80’s look. Since Prince uses a lace-cuffed long sleeve, try your best to imitate this symbolic feature. Then, fasten the shoulder pads to the shoulders of the jacket, signifying Prince’s broad shoulders. Improvise and attach a neckpiece for your white shirt. Tuck your shirt up until the level of your waist.
  • Wear black pants. Put on a pair of black pants. The pants should not fit awkwardly with your tucked shirt.  Decorate the pants with silver buttons, referring to the picture for proper placement. Use black boots with heels.
  • Do the makeup and final touches. Finally, apply make-up and try out your wig. Use eyeliner, and create a false mustache when you still haven’t grown one. Your wig should more or less emulate Prince’s purple reign wig from the film. Use a white guitar with a leopard print strap as an additional prop.
  • Check your costume. Look how the costume looks and fits you in the mirror. Do not hesitate to apply any changes that you find necessary to have a better Prince purple rain costume.

Now that you are ready to go, pucker up with your best pout and prepare for royalty!


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