How To Make your Own Shoes: Shoe-Making Tips

Do you love shoes too much? Well maybe you would also love to make one on your own. Making a pair of shoes is not such a hard task; it only requires enough interest and dedication to be able to come up with something good. In making shoes, it is expected that you will use your creativity and a touch of your own style. Of you can make the shoe style interesting then you would love to wear it. There are some workshops where you can learn on making shoes on your own. Here are some steps that you can try to make your own shoes.

  • Prepare the materials needed. These are the basic things you will need for this project: leather or fabric, last, felt, fabric stiffener, needle, thread, spray bottle, sole linings, shoe cement, heel, sole and heel tips.
  • Search for designs. Before proceeding into making your shoes, you will have to pick a specific design that you would like to make. You can search through the Internet for the design. Maybe you have something unique in mind that you want to create. Decide on the design you want then proceed to the next step.
  • Create a pattern. Study the design that you picked to create. The first thing you will do is to create a pattern for the upper part of the shoes. Making a pattern is a good way to create an accurate size and a perfect fitting for your feet.
  • Measure the pattern. Get your loose fabric and lay it around the last to get a nice fitting. In this manner, the fabric would have an exact shape along with the last. Then, mark the fabric according to the shape of the last and start cutting it on the marked line. Afterwards, trace each part of the upper part of the shoes. Just do the same procedure in tracing and cutting. Make sure that the fabric would be enough to complete the shoes.
  • Attach the upper part to the felt. Now, start cutting the felt material. Lay the felt on the upper part material and trace it on every part. After cutting the felt, start sewing it together with the upper part material to attach them together. Make sure that the felt is placed under the upper part material before sewing them together while making a seam in the middle and in the back portion.
  • Attach the last and upper material together. Get the upper part material and spray them with fabric stiffener. Then cover the upper material on the last, making it reach the bottom part. Then sew it to incorporate them with each other to get the shape.
  • Establish the shape. Allow the upper part material to dry. The upper will get the shape of the last as it dries. Then take off the last from the upper. Then, place padding inside the upper part material to maintain the shape.
  • Prepare the sole. Get your shoe sole and apply thin coat of shoe cement on it. Then, locate the sole on the inside of the heel part and attach them together at the bottom of the upper fabric. Let the shoe cement dry.
  • Prepare the heels. First, you must locate the heel tip at the edge or bottom of the heel. You can just insert it at the bottom of the heel making sure that it would not take off as you walk. You can secure it by nailing it or use glue that is recommended for shoe making.

Now you have your basic knowledge in making your own shoes. You can still search for more advanced instructions to improve your skills in shoe making. Good luck!


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