How To Make your Own Wood Shutters

Wooden shutters are great additions to your home as they not only serve as a decoration but they serve a great function at home, too. Plus, they increase your home's value. Though you can buy wood shutters, you may want to build some for your home. This is a project that is cheap and very easy to do. Here, follow these steps to guide you in making wood shutters:

  • Measure all the windows in your home. This is necessary so that you can purchase the right materials for the project. After you have measured the windows, count the number of windows you want to install shutters to. You can go for all windows or only those that are facing the street.
  • Collect all the materials for your wood shutter project. The amount of materials you need to prepare depends on the size and number of the windows. The materials you need include several pieces of 1x4 inches of clear pine. For a single shutter, you need enough clear pine to make eight vertical slats and an optional number of horizontal slats. You also need 16 one and one-fourth inches of deck screws for each shutter, finishing product of your choice such as stain, paint, or clear varnish, and four two and a half #8 deck screws.
  • Cut the materials to start building the shutters. To begin with this step cut all of the vertical slats first and set them aside in a set of four slats each. Once done, cut your horizontal cleats and divide them in a set of two cleats each. Take note that the cleats must be long enough so as to cover the finished shutter all throughout the window.
  • Assemble the wood shutters you are making. Since you have cut and paired all of the materials already, it will be easy for you to assemble them. To start with this, lay all the four vertical slats preferably on a very flat surface making sure that they are lined up straightly and there are equal gaps within each slat. Then, lay down the two cleats on top of the arranged vertical slats. Screw them together using eight of the deck screws. Then, flip the wood shutter over and screw eight more deck screws in the other direction. Build the other shutters using the newly-created one as your template.
  • Finish the surface of the wood shutters. When all wood shutters are ready, it is time to give them some finishing touches. Sand them first using medium grit paper so that all sharp edges will be removed. Once done, apply your choice of coating to the wood. Apply two coats of stain, paint, or varnish to the shutters for a better look and feel.
  • Install the finished shutters to the windows. Once the shutters have dried, install them into the windows. Ask for assistance so there is someone to hold the shutter for you while you are screwing it on the window. When installing the shutters, make sure that it is lined perfectly to the top and bottom line of the window. Use deck screws to secure the shutters in place.

You do not anymore need to buy expensive shutters for your windows. With this project guide, you can make as many shutters as you want for your home. Take note, this project is very easy for you to follow and very cheap for you to finance.


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