How To Manage as a Caretaker for the Elderly

Caregiving is a job, which is best for those people who love spending time and taking care of old people. Caregivers need to be patient, empathetic and have genuine concern for the people they are taking care of. If your mom, dad, grandfather or grandmother needs a caregiver but you don’t want to put them on a nursing home, you can be the caretaker or caregiver for them. This is not an easy job but you will also feel a certain kind of fulfillment knowing that you are taking care of your old loved one. This will also bring you closer together. However, there are several challenges that you will face in taking care of elderly.

Here’s how you can manage as a caretaker for the elderly.

  • Take care of depression. As a caretaker, you need to multitask and manage your time so you can work, take care of your elderly, do chores at home and socialize. Maintaining balance on your life will be very difficult. It will be hard for you to focus at work because you’re too tired and your attention is also divided between work and the person you’re taking care of. You may also need to bring him to the doctor or spend more time with him especially if he’s not feeling well. You may not be able to go out with your friends like you did before. You may feel that you are becoming isolated from the world. The situation will be very stressful to you. This can lead to depression. Some of the signs that you are depressed or extremely stressed are sleeping problems, being easily irritated, sadness, energy is low and moodiness. This will not be good for you and the person you’re taking care of. To be able to take care of your elder, you need to make sure you take good care of yourself. Take enough rest and eat right. There are organizations that can help you deal with depression and stress as a caretaker as well as groups that give free training to people who take care of their elders. You can access for more information about the help that you can get. Meditation and yoga will also help you release stress.
  • Get assistance. To make sure you will be able to focus on your work and be able to attend to other things while making sure your elder is being taken care of, hire a part time caregiver. You will need to pay for this but it will be a great help and relief for you. Another option is to ask other family members to help. If you have siblings, you can talk to them and see if they can alternately help you take care of your elder. This will save you money because you won’t have to pay them and you will also feel more at ease knowing that it’s your family taking care of your elder.
  • Take a break. To avoid burnout, take a day off from being a caretaker at least once a week. Relax, unwind and meet with your friends so you won’t feel isolated. This will also help you recharge for another week. If you hired a part time care giver, he will take care of your elder while you’re out or you can ask a family member or relative to take care of him until you come home.

By preventing stress and managing your time, you can be an effective caretaker to the elderly.


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