How To Match Dress Shoes to a Suit

Men have it easy when it comes to wearing a formal suit. Unlike women, they only have a few choices to make such as the color of the suit, the tie and the shirt to go with it and the shoes. The only difficult thing for them is to determine how to match their dress shoes to a suit. There are color schemes that must be followed in order to look smart in your suit. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind.

  • Determine the color of your suit. This is the first thing that you have to do to know which dress shoes to match your suit. Suits come in different colors. Check the color of your suit. This has to be done meticulously since there are different shades for each color. There are black suits and there are ones that are dark grey. White can also be confused with cream. Determine the exact color of your suit first.
  • Color coordination. It does not always follow that your shoes should be the exact same color as your suit. You can create a contrasting vibe by wearing shoes that have a different color from your suit. However, you must do this carefully since you do not want to look silly. There are contrasting colors that work and most of them don’t. Read on below to know which colors to wear for your suit.
  • Black suit. For a black suit, the obvious choice is to wear black shoes as well. You can be more fashion forward by wearing tan or camel colored shoes. To achieve a business style, stick to oxford shoes or wingtips. These are the essential items that you must have in your closet to achieve a formal look together with your suit. If you are not comfortable in contrasting colors, it is best to stick to black shoes.
  • Gray suit. When wearing a gray suit, you do not have to match them with gray shoes since you may end up looking like cement. The best choices for this are black, camel or a deep maroon that they call oxblood.
  • Navy suit. A navy suit is another popular color choice for men. If wearing a navy suit, the best shoes to wear are black or camel. If you are a bit daring, you can pair your navy suit with oxblood colored shoes. This will provide contrasting colors but will still make you look formal and appealing.
  • Brown suit. There are plenty of choices when it comes to a brown suit. You can wear black, camel or any shade of brown. However, it is best to stick with light browns when wearing a brown suit. Dark brown shoes will not be noticeable with a brown suit so it is best to choose one that will pop when you wear it with your brown suit.

Follow these tips and the fashion police will not catch you. Notice that with all the suits, black is always an option. It is good to invest in a good pair of black formal shoes since it goes well with any type of suit that you wear.


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