How To Measure Tire Rim Size

Tires will usually last a long time, especially if you only use your car in the city where road conditions are usually very good and leave the car tires with minimal wear and tear. Every now and then, however, you may need to replace your tires especially when they get too worn down or in case you get a flat tire and the tires are no longer usable. Before you purchase a new set of car tires, here are some steps to help you measure tire rim size.

  • Rim width. The tires are different from the rims. The rims or the wheels are where the tires are connected to. It is the wheel rim that actually moves and propels that car forward, while the rubber tires are simply meant to provide traction and protection for the wheels. The rims are measured in terms of width and diameter. To measure the width of the rims, simply take a tape ruler and measure from one end to the other. The rim measurements are often expressed in inches.
  • Rim diameter. Once you have the rim measurement, the next step is to determine the diameter measurement. The diameter measurement refers to the distance between one point in the rim to the other end point. It is the longest line that can be drawn or fitted in the rims. Again, you will need to use a tape measure and you need to make sure that the measurement is in inches. Also make sure that you measure from the inside of the rims so that it will be more accurate.
  • Match the tires to the rims. Once you have the measurement for the car rims, you need to know how to read the ratings or the measurements on the tires themselves. If you visit an auto supplies shop, the notation on most car wheels is usually in the form of P###/##R##, where the number sign refers to the measurements. The P means that the wheels are meant for the regular passenger vehicle, while the number next to the letter P refers to the width of the sidewalls.  The next number before the R refers to the aspect ratio of the car from width to height. The last two digits refer to the diameter of the rims. Make sure that you find a car tire that is fit for your vehicle in terms of rim width, rim diameter, and vehicle type.
  • Load ratings. By making sure that you have the correct rim and diameter measurements, you will likely be able to already find a suitable tire. For extra safety, however, you should also check the load ratings for the wheels to make sure that the wheels are strong enough to bear the weight of your car and the passengers inside them .the load ratings are usually indicated on the tires themselves.

With these steps, you should be able to measure your tire rims and find the correct set of tires for your car. Once you have your measurements, write these down on a sheet of paper so that you won’t have to measure them again each time you need to buy new tires. 


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