How To Measure Tubing

There are different types and sizes of tubing. These are also used in different ways. There are tubing that can be used on bathroom and kitchen sinks, hose for your garden, supply air on fish tanks and to put together wires and cables. Measuring your tubing is very important to make sure that it will fit wherever you will use it. This will save you the hassle of having to go back to the store and buy tubing again if the one you bought does not fit. Buying the wrong measurement of tubing is also a waste of money because you need to spend again to purchase the right tubing.

Here are the steps on how to measure tubing.

  • Prepare the things that you will need in measuring tubing. These are ruler or tape measure to use for measuring your tubing and pen and paper to take note of the measurement. This is to make sure that you will not forget the measurement needed when you buy the tubing on the store.
  • Know the purpose of tubing. You need to know where you will be using the tubing. This can be used to hold things together such as wires and cables and this can also be used by inserting it to things like kitchen and bathroom sinks. Knowing where to use the tubing is important because this will determine what measurement you need to get to know the size of tubing to buy. If you will use tubing to hold things together, you need to get the total exterior diameter of the things that you will enclose. This means that you need to measure the diameter of the outside area of the things that you will insert on the tubing then add these all together. This will ensure that all things you measured will fit inside the tubing. If the tubing is the one that will be inserted, you need to get the interior diameter of the things where you will insert it.
  • Get the measurement. You can get the diameter by measuring from the center of the circle to the edge. You also need to measure how long the things that will be inserted on the tubing or how long the thing where it will be inserted. This will determine the length of your tubing. Write the measurement that you got on a piece of paper.

You can now go to a store selling tubing so you can buy the tubing that you need. Make sure to refer to the measurement you wrote to get the right size of tubing you need. Tubing manufacturers may measure tubing based on exterior diameter and some measures this once flattened. To make sure you have the correct size, measure it before buying. If it’s packed, ask the assistant if you can check the size. You may also refer to the note written in the packaging to get information about the size. Also, consider the type of tubing that you will buy. This is as important as getting the correct measurement. Buy the tubing that is appropriate for the project that you will be doing.


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