How To Memorialize Loved Ones

Everybody wants to be remembered for his living years on earth. With the knowledge of death’s inevitability, most people try to live their lives to the fullest. One of the reasons why is because they do not want to be forgotten when they die.

On the other hand, those who are affected by a loved ones lost would like to remember their deceased loved ones through the years. It maybe by having a plaque somewhere in their loved ones honor, sending greeting cards to close family and friends with copy of their best kept photo, organizing a personalized photo album or as simply as remembering them in their regular prayers.

Memorializing a loved does not have to be necessarily expensive or time-consuming. The point is that you are able to do something in their honor. To help you come up with ways on how to memorialize loved ones, here are some ideas and tips.

  • Have an evocative memorial. Having one does not mean having to spend a fortune on your loved one’s memorial, the important thing is that you gather all significant persons in his life, just like how you imagine he would want it. Do things that are important to him. Like for instance, if he is a lover of books and has a library of sorts in his home, you can have it donated in a foundation that’s sole mission is to help children learn how to read. You can also donate his clothes to the needy or donate a portion of his memorial money to the less fortunate.
  • Plant a tree. What better way to remember a loved one but to plant a tree and to install a marker right beside it? A lot of people have actually done this, at memorial parks, churches, or somewhere near their residence.
  • Play your loved ones favorite tunes. Playing your deceased loved one’s favorite songs on their birthday or occasion that reminds you of them can bring back a lot of memories with that person. If you want it to be a more social thing, you can go as far as emailing the song to closed loved ones and friends and have them listen to it in memorial of your deceased loved one.
  • Compose a photo album. Keeping a scrapbook or album of photos of your loved one is another good way of memorializing someone who has passed. It gives you something to look into every time that you remember those good and bad times that you have had with that person.
  • Dedicate a day to your loved one. Whether it is a day of prayer or a small gathering of close relatives and friends, it will be fun to dedicate an entire day to your loved one. It does not have to be an official holiday; you just have to dedicate a day for your departed love one and celebrate the occasion with other surviving members of the family.
  • Recognize them on special occasions. This means acknowledging them at big occasions like weddings and the like. Be careful nonetheless, because you would not want your loved one to be the center of attention at a wedding. A tip here is to discuss this with the husband and wife to be and make sure that all close family members and friends are comfortable with the idea.

Remember that memorializing a loved one does not have to be depressing. As a matter of fact, it should mean appreciating the memories that you have had with the deceased.


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