How To Mix Airbrush Paint

Using an airbrush for painting is great because not only is it easier to use, it also give a more even layer and finish. You can easily see the difference of painting using a regular paint brush and using an airbrush that is why more and more people prefer using an airbrush.

If you plan to use an airbrush for painting one main thing you have to perfect is mixing the paint. This is very crucial because mixing the wrong paint and wrong combination can cost you money, time and energy.

Before you start mixing paint, you should first determine the surface that you’ll be using the airbrush on. Not all surfaces use the same kind of paint. For example, when you’re painting on textile, you need the kind of paint that doesn’t make the textile hard or doesn’t easily wash off when washed.

If you’re using it on a canvas, you need the kind of paint that sticks well on a canvas to achieve the look that you are going for. If ever you know the surface that you’ll be using but you’re not sure what kind of paint to use, then you could always ask the employees in the store to help you.

After determining which kind of paint you’ll be using, you can start mixing the paint for your airbrush. There are pre-mixed paint available in many hobby stores where you don’t need to mix the paint but if ever you can’t find the color that you want, you can always try to mix your own paint.

  • Determine the color that you want. It is important to have a clear idea of the color that you want for your basis when mixing paint. Print it out or at least have a sample of it so you could compare it with your mixture.
  • Know your color wheel. When mixing paints, you only have to know which colors you need to use to get the color that you want. For example, if you want to get an orange, you’ll have to mix red and yellow. The intensity of the color changes, depending on the ratio of the colors that you mixed.
  • Measure the amount of paints that you use. Always remember how much of each color you added to your mixture. Should you run out of your mixed paint, you could easily mix it again by knowing the ratios of the paints that you used. It would always be best to write it down for you to easily remember.
  • Mix it well. Make sure that you mix your paint well for it to have an even color when you use it on your airbrush. Also, use a cloth to strain your paint to make sure that there are no sediments in it. These tiny particles may cause your airbrush to clog.

Using an airbrush can definitely make painting a whole lot easier. You can easily achieve the kind of finish that you want for any project that you’ll use it on. To make sure that you won’t have any problems, make sure that you choose the right paint and the right mixture for you to be able to enjoy using your airbrush. 


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