How To Mix Clear Coat

Car paints are a combination of several elements such as fillers, resins, solvents, and other ingredients. Clear coat paint is, simply put a resin or paint that does not have any pigment. Finishing your car’s paint job with clear coat means applying a coating of the clear paint  on top of your colored paint giving it a nice, glossy finish. It also helps to protect your vehicle’s base coat, protecting it from all the dangerous elements it is exposed to.

Clear coats have also helped in the creation of more specialized colors for cars, through their use and by employing some techniques that enhance the beauty of the car. They are quite durable too, although they need to be maintained as well to be in the best of shape. Waxing clear coat regularly is a good way of maintaining it properly. Clear coat is composed of two main parts, the hardener and the clear paint. It is necessary that you are able to measure amount of both parts when mixing, making sure they are correctly proportioned to avoid it from thickening even before you have finished using it. Here are the instructions to follow for mixing clear coat.

  • Select the type of clear coat you need. If you are doing a paint job on your entire car, you may need to make use of the overall clear coat which is made for that purpose. However, if you are only planning to do some re-touching on specific areas of your car’s exterior, you may use the spot clear coat.
  • Measuring your clear coat ingredients. The ratio which is generally followed for mixing clear coat is 4 to 1. This means that you will be using 4 parts of clear coat to every ounce of the hardener. When mixing, it is best to add about 20% more of the mixture than what you actually need for the work to be done. As soon as you pour in your hardener, there is an automatic chemical reaction that works on activating your paint. You will need to pour in the equivalent quantity of the acrylic reducer to that of the hardener. What the acrylic reducer does is make the consistency of your mixture thin enough to be able to pass through the paint gun you will be using.
  • Blending your mixture. Stir your ingredients, blending them together thoroughly. This mixture must not be allowed to keep for a long time. It will solidify after several hours is not used right away. Once you have completed your mixture, try to do your clear coat job as soon as you can.
  • Using your clear coat. When you have finished preparing the mixture, take your paint gun and set its filter cone on top of it. Proceed to pour your clear coat onto the gun. You are now ready to begin clear coating your car. When it has completely set in and dry, you can buff the car and bring out the nice, glossy finish of the clear coat.

There are certain things to take into consideration when doing these types of work. Always make sure you are protected from all the dangerous fumes coming from the chemical contents of this mixtures. Using a protective mask is the best way of doing that. You must also follow all the directions for the use of these products. That way, you make less mistakes which could cost you more in the long run.


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