How To Mix Wella Hair Color

Wella color holds a reputable line in the field of hair color. It has a variety of uses, from changing your natural roots to covering up for grey hair growths. This is a great beauty regimen for those who want a change in style, as well as to trick their true age. Because there is a wide choice of colors to decide your perfect shade upon, improving your look will be so much easier.

Check out this steps that will help you mix Wella hair color.

  • Wella hair color comes with a kit that allows you to check your natural hair color versus the new color that you are aiming for. It will also determine how many lifts are needed to achieve your desired tone.
  • Choose between purchasing online and purchasing in person in local beauty stores. Amazon is a great online store while Beauty4you will help you shop what you need in person. For mixing, find two Wella products namely, the Wella Color Charm Hair Color and the Charm Hair Color Developer.
  • Find a place where you can do this project without worrying too much about the mess that it can cause. Preferably, find an area with counter tops or tables and spacious enough to allow you to move freely. Observe other precautions such as wearing gloves to protect your hand from direct contact to the chemical. Rubber gloves used for dishwashing will do just fine. If you can’t afford to ruin your clothes, put on an old one. There is the possibility of making some spills as you mix. To be extra-careful and ready in case accidents happen, it is wise to cover the immediate floor and the countertop with old newspapers or towels.
  • Mix both the hair color and the developer into a plastic bowl. Avoid using anything with metal in it, including the clean set of paint brush that you intend to use for mixing and applying the combined chemicals.
  • Follow the ratio of one is to two in mixing the two chemicals. Put one ounce of Mix Wella Color Charm Hair Color for every two ounces of Wella Color Charm Hair Color Developer. Note that this ratio formula is very different from the natural ratio formula of other hair color brands. Others use the one is to one ratio, but this time, remember that two ounces of hair color developer is used. This recommended amount however, is used for standard short hair. If your hair is long or thick, be ready to adjust your measurements. The longer and the thicker the hair you wish to color, the greater the amount of product you should prepare.
  • Determine if your hair is safe for application of the Wella hair color product. Usually precaution against using this mix is raised to those who had previous hair color treatments with metallic salt, vegetable or even henna dyes. Be sure to keep track of the products you had for your hair before applying this mix. Lastly, don’t forget to test some few strands of hair with the mix first and determine if it’s the proper shade to color the entirety of your hair.

Instructions can be easily found on every Wella hair color packaging. There is an available reference manual for Wella hair color online. Download its PDF version and read the general instructions provided in using it safely.


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