How To Moisturize Your Skin Before Applying Powder Foundation

Moisturizing your face prior to applying foundation is an important step not only in protecting your skin but also making it easier to add the foundation. Moisturizer adds a protective layer that traps moisture under the skin as well as let the foundation rub smoothly over it. Applying moisturizer on your face should be properly done and also be part of your beauty regimen to have a healthy-looking skin that you'll surely love to see.

Here are the steps to moisturize your skin before applying powder foundation.

  • Choose the right moisturizer for your skin. Read the label and see if the ingredients are suited for your skin. If you have a tendency for oily skin or acne, choose an oil-free compound called a humectant. Those with sensitive skin must select a hypoallergenic moisturizer instead to prevent any itching or burning sensations. You don’t have to go for a high SPF rating as long as your foundation can block the sun’s effect for you. You can go for something simple like petroleum jelly or purchase creams with ample healthy substances that can rejuvenate your skin as they moisturize it.
  • Clean your skin. Make sure to towel off the excess moisture as the moisturizer won’t cling to your skin otherwise. Clean your hands as well so that particulates won’t be transfer to your face during the following steps.
  • Apply moisturizer. Squeeze the cream on your hands then rub them together. Perform circular movements directed upwards as you work the moisturizer on your face. Do this step while your face is still moist from cleaning, as this will trap the existing moisture on your skin. Avoid applying the moisturizer around your eye area and other sensitive parts as too much moisture will only make them look puffy. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck, as well, using long, upward movements. Perform this operation in front of a well-lighted mirror to make sure all the parts of your face is evenly applied.
  • Wait for your moisturizer to dry before proceeding with the foundation. Around ten minutes should be enough. This will prevent the foundation from mixing in with the cream, creating an uneven and unsightly look such as streaks. Wash the residue off your hands in the meantime and clean them before handling any foundation.  
  • Consider applying moisturizer more than once a day. If you suffer from dry skin, then redoing your make up may help keep it from suffering the effects of less humid weather. Those with oily skin can take the once-a-day approach.
  • Consider using tinted moisturizer. Those with dewy complexions can skip foundation altogether and use tinted moisturizers, instead.
  • Consider making your own moisturizer. Homemade moisturizers will let you control what goes in the substance you put in your face. Use primary ingredients such as aloe vera or cocoa butter depending on your skin condition and mix them with other organic ingredients which will be gentle on your skin.

Perform these steps deliberately and avoid hurrying through it. Not only will your skin remain hydrated throughout the day, but your moisturizer and powder foundation will complement each other, combining health and beauty practices in one sitting.


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