How To Monitor Your Text Messages

Through advancements in technology, social relationships have been degraded into mere digital and virtual interactions. Social networking sites have become rampant for the past decade and its proliferation, especially among the youth, is frightening. Likewise, cellular and mobile phones have popped out of nowhere and have taken the world by storm. Alongside such an innovation comes the threat of the modern world. The modern way of communicating has become an avenue for crimes. People have become particularly vulnerable to such heinous actions. This is why large phone companies have already developed a number of protective software titles, which let you monitor text messages and other kinds of communication media. It is essential to take this initiative in order to protect your children, friends and even yourself from the corrupting effects of technology gone awry.

Here are some tips on how to monitor your text messages.

  • Consult your child, friends and loved ones. You must talk to your child or friend or loved one about personal safety and providing too much information to the public. Discuss your reasons why you need to monitor text messages. Make them understand that you are not being invasive and that your primary intention is to ensure their safety. If they don’t agree with the idea, you have no choice but to go on with your plans. After all, your greatest concern remains to be their overall safety.
  • Look for text monitoring softwares on the internet. Search for a good monitoring software application online. Some software requires you to register for an online account where you can monitor text messages after downloading the accompanying applications. Text Guard and Mobile Spy are some software that you can find online. You can also use Radar, a program that offers the same features as the other software except that it notifies the phone that you are monitoring about your actions. These applications can actually block specific mobile numbers that you find rather suspicious and intriguing.
  • Impose rules regarding text messaging. As an additional precaution, you can implement rules regarding the usage of cellular phones, particularly the text messaging feature. Check your child’s phone from time to time and don’t be harsh about it. Avoid using power and make him understand your motives.
  • Propose a sincere conversation. Share your knowledge regarding how technology becomes a place for crimes to flourish. Become a role model to him by following the rules you have previously imposed. Let him understand that communicating with questionable people leads to no good. Impart to him the fact that nothing beats old-fashioned communication. You two can indulge in writing to each other through snail mail.

The idea of you monitoring text messages elicits an awkward feeling. Yes, you must constantly check the inboxes from time to time. But remember the limitations of your control over your child, friend or loved one. You must encourage them to be responsible when dealing with the freedom that modernity has offered. Allow them to make responsible decisions by themselves and let them know that if everything goes wrong you are instantly permitted to interfere.  


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