How To Monogram Linen Napkins

Monogramming linen napkins is one way of customizing them. It will show the uniqueness of the napkins and there is no similar design anywhere else. You can monogram your name initials or the first letter of your family name. There are also other ideas that you can do to monogram your linen napkins.

Letters are not the only acceptable monogram designs. You can choose online or in magazines for a design that you want to put in the napkins. Whatever you plan to put in them, make sure that they are unique and one of a kind. This article will give you tips on how to monogram your linen napkins.

  • First off, wash your linen napkins before adding on any design into them. Make sure that they are clean and snow-white. You can bleach them if the care instructions allow it. Dark linens because of overuse are not good to look at. If your linen napkins are too old, you can purchase new ones for this project. Otherwise, you can just use the old ones that you have at home.
  • There are readymade stamps that you can buy in craft stores. They carry stamps that you can use in your linens. Make sure that the ink that you will be using will adhere to the fabric even if it is washed and will not fade over time. Choose the design that you like and at the same time complement the design of your table setting.
  • If you are keen on sewing, you can embroider the design instead of stamping them onto the linens. You can opt to embroider the first letter of your family name on the center of each linen napkin. Choose an elegant-looking font style, like French script. You will be needing an embroidering machine to do this.
  • Look online for more design ideas. You can print the design and you can have it made into a stamp. You can employ the service of a stamp maker in your area and let him do the design that you have chosen.
  • You can choose where you will put the design on your linen napkins. Aside from putting it in the center, you can also monogram it on the corners of the napkins. Wherever you choose to put your design, make sure that it is easily seen. In stamping the design, make sure not to smudge any ink outside of the design. This will only ruin your napkin and make it look ugly.

Doing this project is a great way in adding style and spunk in your table setting. Amaze your guests next time you host a dinner party on how unique and beautiful your linen napkins are. They may even be encouraged to do the same with theirs. Monogramming napkins is pretty easy. You can do it in your spare time while the kids are in school and your husband is busy at work. You can also turn it in to a business venture and sell them online. Monogram simple yet elegant designs and post pictures of them in the net and sell them at a reasonable price.


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