How To Mount a Deer Skull

Deer-hunting season is upon you and you relish the thought of finding the best one that you can add to your growing collection of mounted game. However since times they are a-pinching you might want to find the most practical way of mounting a deer skull. This is where creativity comes to play. You also have to be quite patient since you won’t be relying on a taxidermist to do this for you.

Here is one way you can mount a deer skull without spending much on this project.

  • Prepare the items that you will need. You need to have a bucket that can hold five gallons of water, salt, a large metal cooking pot, drill, a mounting frame, mounting bolts, screwdriver, a bottle of varnish, a soft painting brush, a bottle of bleach, and a pair of latex gloves.
  • Bring water to a boil. Use the large metal cooking pot to boil water in. Once the water comes to a boil, drop the deer skull into it. Add a tablespoon of salt to hasten the cooking process. Cover the pot and allow the heat and boiling water to literally melt and take the skin and meat off the bones of the deer skull. This should take about an hour or so. Take the cover off the pot every so often so that the water doesn’t boil over the surface of the cooking pot. When you are done, allow the water to cool off to level where you can safely take the skull out without danger to yourself.
  • Pour bleach into a clean bucket. First off, you must fill the bucket with five gallons of water then pour bleach into the mix. Then gingerly place the deer skull into the bucket and allow the mixture to soak into it for a full 24 hours. This is the time that is needed to bleach the deer skull into the whitest white you have ever seen.
  • After 24 hours, take the deer skull out of the bucket. Allow the skull to air dry. You need the specimen to be rock hard for the next step.
  • Drill two holes above the eye socket. This is where your mounting bolts will go. Make two clean holes near and above the center of the eye sockets. Make sure these holes match the mounting bolts.
  • Wear your latex gloves for varnishing. After drilling two holes, it’s time for the deer skull to take in a little bit of light tanning. Wear your latex gloves, take the soft painting brush, open the bottle of varnish, and begin to lightly brush some color into the deer skull. When you are done, set it aside for proper drying. Applying varnish is for aesthetic and conservation reasons.
  • Prepare the mounting frame. Once you see that the deer skull is dried to perfection, you can now mount it on the mounting frame. Use the screwdriver to tighten the bolts.

You can now mount the deer skull in your game room. You can also make it more attractive by having it framed in clear glass later on once you have the budget. For now, these simple and inexpensive methods will do.


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