How To Mount a Flat Screen TV in a Corner

Thank heavens for the invention of flat screen TV because now you can place it anywhere in your home even when the space that’s available is a just the corner of the room. When you have a flat screen TV that you wish to relocate to a corner of the room, you need someone to assist you (do not let the slim design fool you, this type of TV can be quite heavy) plus these steps to get you to complete this task.

  • Prepare or purchase the following.
        • Commercially available hardware for mounting the flat screen TV. You are sure to find something that is made especially for the TV model that you have. You can do your research on this by logging on to the Internet or asking the sales person who sold you the flat screen TV.
        • Screwdriver.
        • Drill.
        • Stud finder (magnetic or electronic)
        • Measuring tape.
        • Pencil.
        • Leveling tool.
        • Wall anchors.
        • Wrench.

  • Buy the hardware based on recommendation. As mentioned, wall-mounting brackets are commercially available to match the flat screen TV that you own. You simply have to find the one that is recommended for it. Write down the specifications of your TV and look for the mount that matches it. Keep in mind that flat screen TVs that weigh from 125 pounds or more should be mounted on dual-arm support while those that weigh below 125 pounds will be ably supported by a single-arm support. Ditto, you want something you can adjust from left to right with ease.
  • Read the manufacturer’s manual. The instructions here are those you must follow to the letter. Ideally, you will find that for your flat screen TV to be mounted perfectly, there is a four-point mounting system on the back of the console. Have a look at it and you’ll see it’s there. This is standard in most modern flat screen TV. Moving forward, you will find in the same manual, instructions for you to remove the screws or bolts in the same location.
  • Scout the corner of the room. At this point you will need the stud finder to locate the most ideal positioning for the studs. Wait for the stud finder to beep in case you are using an electronic one or wait for it to stick to something solid behind the wall in case you are using a magnetic stud finder. The importance of using a stud finder is that you are assured that the flat screen TV is securely hung with the support of the beams behind the wall. It is easy for your flat screen TV to fall off when you don’t have this kind of support in place.
  • Determine the height where you will hang the flat screen TV. Use a pencil to mark the spot.
  • Us the leveling tool. This will give you a clear idea on keeping the flat screen TV on an even angle as opposed to an awkward angle. Place the leveling tool below the flat screen TV once you begin to apply the bolts to the mounting brackets.
  • Position the mounting brackets on the wall. Feel free to use wall anchors to protect the wall from cracking while you begin to connect the brackets to the bolts and studs. Follow the assembly instructions stated on the manual.
  • Ask for help. You are now ready to mount the flat screen TV on the brackets. Ask someone for help in doing this because this won’t get done without someone holding the flat screen TV in place while you adjust the screws that will attach the TV to the brackets. Remember you need to secure four bolts in place and tighten the same one bolt at a time so help is definitely called for. Do not let go until you know you have your TV securely bolted to the brackets.
  • Adjust accordingly. You can now begin adjusting the flat screen TV to suit your viewing pleasure!

There you go! Flat screen moved to the corner as desired!


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