How To Mount a Wood Duck Box

If you like hunting ducks then you must also be a participant to maintaining their existence. In fact, it isn’t enough to just donate money to conservation societies. You must put yourself out there and help build artificial nesting sites for ducks to flourish. One way is to help mount wood duck boxes that will protect baby ducks and their mothers from predators. Here are ways to mount one of many wood duck boxes for duck protection.

  • Skip the trees. Mounting a wood duck box on thick tree limbs or any part of a tree for that matter spells a recipe for disaster. Many predators can easily climb up that tree and snatch baby ducks away. Predators like squirrels, raccoons, or small foxes can sniff their way into the wood duck box. There goes your good intention to save the ducks from total extinction.
  • Find safe locations. You may mount the wood duck box directly over water or on tree trunks floating over water. Ponds, streams, lakes, and wetlands are great locations for a wood duck box. Make sure these locations are near the shore so the mother ducks can check in on their young. These locations are relatively safe or at least the safest locations you can find.
  • Prepare long and sturdy metal poles to support the box. You need to dig a deep hole on the ground and place metal poles underneath to prevent water from seeping into the box if the box is anchored on water. If the box is on dry ground, simply dig a deep hole and anchor the metal pole securely then cover the pole with soil. Then, you need to mount the box upright on a metal pole so that it is lifted away from the ground. About six feet or more would be the appropriate height of the box from the ground or in this case, the metal base. The hole or opening of the box should be facing the water. The door should be along the side with screws that you can remove when you need to clean out and replace the wood shavings with fresh ones. The remaining sides of the box should be secure.
  • Place spike and spice guards at the bottom of the metal pole. Spike guards shaped like cones made from metal sheets and homemade pepper and vinegar sprays will keep snakes, small rats, squirrels, and other predators from attacking the duck box. You can place the spike guards/ cones directly below the box for maximum protection. You can spray the homemade pepper and vinegar along the metal pole for maximum effect. If you live in a location where there are more aggressive predators like small foxes or wild cats, you might need to resort to traps to discourage attacks. Duck experts say that the cone protectors are often enough to provide the protection that ducks need so try this one first then expand your project as the days go by.

To make this more fun, have the family join you on the activity. It is also bound to bring out the protective and nurturing nature of your kids who will do the best that they can to preserve the life of the baby ducks.


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