How To Naturally Conceive a Boy

There are many proposed ways to conceive a boy. You may try one or a mixture of all the tips and tricks of conceiving a boy.

  • Try the Shettles Method. Dr. Shettles believes that the male sperm that carries the Y chromosome to conceive a boy swims faster than the female sperm carrying the X chromosome. The male sperm is more fragile and in terms of endurance, it is “outlived” by the female sperm. Based on this, Dr. Shettles proposes some ways to increase your chances of conceiving a boy.
  • Have sexual intercourse on the day you ovulate. Since the male sperm does not live very long, it must reach the egg as soon as possible. The ideal time frame is to have intercourse anytime between 24 hours before you ovulate to 12 hours after. To know when you are ovulating, chart your cervical mucus daily for at least a month before you plan to conceive. The day before you ovulate, your cervical mucus is clear and should have the consistency of raw egg white. Dr. Shettles also suggests you do Basal Body Temperature charting at least two months prior to conceiving. You will have to take your temperature every morning before you even get up. When you have all the information you need, it will be a better guide for you to determine when you should have sexual intercourse.
  • Refer to the Chinese conception chart. Many have attested to the accuracy of the Chinese conception chart. It indicates what month you should conceive if you want a boy based on your age. Take note that it is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar so you may have to adjust your reading. Some add 2 years to their actual age when charting what month to conceive. Refer to a Chinese Lunar Calendar to know your exact age.
  • Change your diet. It is also believed that you should eat plenty of red meat to conceive a boy. Your husband should drink coffee before intercourse and should drink beverages high in caffeine. Have a diet that is high in calcium, vitamin C, B-12 and vitamin E.
  • Choose your sexual position. Although it is a minor contribution to help the male sperm swim to the egg faster, choose sexual positions that have deep penetration. The male sperm will have a shorter distance to travel and will not perish easily in the hostile environment of your vagina. You should also lie down after sexual intercourse for at least 15 minutes before doing anything. It is believed that the male sperm will have gravity to help them in their swim.
  • Increase the alkaline environment in your vagina. Your husband should give you an orgasm not just for the mere pleasure of it, but to increase the alkaline level in your body. A less acidic vagina will allow the male sperm to live longer. A pH balance wipe may help. There are many high alkaline products you can use to clean and wipe your genitalia.

Having all this information and presenting it to your husband means having scheduled sexual intercourse. This can be a disadvantage for both you and your husband because romance and intimacy are feelings needed for a relaxed and pleasurable sexual intercourse. Adding unnecessary pressure on both of you can lead to not conceiving at all. Take all these into consideration and discuss with your husband how important it is for you to have a son.


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