How To Naturally Slow Unwanted Hair Growth

Hair removal can be a painful process, especially for stubborn and thick hair. It is unfortunate that hair removal has to be done regularly, since it can be such a hassle. What you can do to minimize the painful process of hair removal, is to slow down the growth of unwanted hair. There are many ways to slow down hair growth. Though it doesn't completely stop the hair from growing back, it at least gives you a longer interval before you have to remove unwanted hair again. Below are tips on how to slow unwanted hair growth naturally.

  • Soy can help. Eat more soy to prevent unwanted hair from growing back quickly. Soy is rich in phytoestrogen, which works just like estrogen. Since it is testosterone that causes hair growth, estrogen, its opposite can combat or neutralize it. Takin soy, which has enzymes that work just like estrogen, will inhibit the testosterone in your body, making your unwanted hair grow back more slowly. Soy can be found in a lot of food products, and they aren't too bad, once you allow yourself to like it. Instead of regular milk, you can add soymilk to your coffee. Add tofu and soy nut butter to your diet as well. Soy not only inhibits hair growth, it is also a much healthier equivalent to milk, and it could help you lose weight too.
  • Eat healthily. Do not starve yourself to get thin. If you prefer to be thin, do so the healthy way, so your body won't have to compensate for it. When you are underweight, your body tends to produce more hair to insulate you, since there are too little fats stored in your body to heat you up. Avoid this by having a healthy diet that provides you with a balance of vitamins, nutrients and enough protein. Take multivitamins to keep yourself healthy.
  • Use soy-based products for your skin. Since soy has already been established as effective in hindering unwanted hair from growing back quickly, use lotions that are soy-based. These products will greatly help in slowing down the rate of your hair growth, while keeping your skin flawless and moisturized. You can even find deodorants that are soy-based, so make sure that you look for those the next time you shop for your beauty products.
  • Thread or wax, instead of shaving. Shaving is the worst way to get rid of unwanted hair. Though it is a quick fix and is painless, shaving allows your hair to grow back coarser and thicker, which in turn makes it even more unsightly. Try waxing, plucking or threading. These procedures pull out the hair from the root, so hair grows back smaller. Threading is the best way to remove unwanted hair, as the hair noticeably grows back with a finer and thinner texture. Consider getting a threading in salons so you can get professional care and treatment.

If your unwanted hair growth appears to get out of hand, make sure to consult your doctor. This might be a hormonal imbalance, so it is best to have it treated by taking hormonal supplements. Don't attempt to self-medicate, as these could complicate things. Consult your doctor or dermatologists if you prefer treatments to get rid of unwanted hair.


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