How To Navigate a Blackberry without the Trackball

Blackberry users have always raved at how easy it is to use. The difference is in the trackball. The trackball makes it extremely easy for them to navigate in between screens and applications. Quite simply, the Blackberry's trackball is the center of all the mobile phone's functions. But what happens when the trackball gets damaged? Blackberry has fortunately included some ways to access the phone's different functions even without a trackball. Below are ways on how to use a Blackberry without the trackball.

  • Activate the shortcuts. Once you get your Blackberry, make sure that you turn on its ability to access various functions via shortcuts. This will allow you to navigate the smart phone without the aid of a trackball. Once you have done this, you won't have to be so dependent on your Blackberry.
  • Make a call. To make a call without using the trackball, simply press the “Call Send” button, which is colored green. You may find this as the second button to the left of the trackball. It will be easy for you to make a call once you do this.
  • Find the “Menu” key. The “Menu” key lets you access many applications, so you can use this when you need to navigate your mobile phone. You can find this key right beside the trackball, to its left, and it carries the Blackberry logo. When you press this key, a list of different labels pops up, you can choose “options” from this list by scrolling to that word by pressing “Enter”. Every press on the “Enter” key lets you scroll through the list. After that, choose “General Options” by simply pressing the “Enter” key.
  • Change some settings. Once you have reached the General Options screen, you may find the field that says “Dial from Home Screen” and change this selection to “No.” You will reach this option be scrolling with the use of the “enter” key, pressing the “alt” key to be able to view another menu, which shows the two options of “yes” or “no”. Once you have chosen the “no” button, press the back button, which is seen as a button with an arrow that curves, found at the right side of the trackball. This automatically saves your settings, and allows you to use the shortcut keys from your home screen.
  • Access applications thru the shortcut keys. Now that you have enabled the function of your shortcut keys, you may now use your Blackberry without the help of the trackball. You can press the “M” button to access the message center. Pressing “C” lets you compose a message. Moving up screens can be done by pressing “shift” key. To move down, press the “space” button. Pressing the “T” button lets you view the topmost part of your messages; while the “B” button lets you see the bottom part of all your messages. Pressing “U”, on the other hand, lets you view the next unread or unopened message in your inbox. The “N” button leads you to the next date, while the “P” button takes you to the previous date.
  • Check out shortcut keys and their equivalents. To access other functions of your Blackberry, you can press “D” for the Memo Pad, “A” for the Address List, "U" for the Calculator, “L” for the Calendar, “T” for Tasks, “B” for the Browser, “N” for BBM, “G” for Google Talk, and “H” for Help.

Once you know these shortcut keys by heart, you won't feel so helpless if your trackball conks out on you.


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