How To Obtain a Handicap Parking Pass

Here are some instructions on how to get a parking pass for the handicapped:

  • Know where to go. The first thing you can do is to go to your state department and inquire about how to get your handicapped-parking pass. They can also provide you with proper information regarding the exact requirements in obtaining this. They would also identify if you are qualified to get a handicap-parking pass. You can surely qualify if you are using a portable oxygen or wheelchair. If you can’t walk more than 200 feet without discomfort, arthritic and cardiac condition you would be qualified to get the pass as well.
  • Go to the doctor. You must get a certification from your doctor or physician after determining that you are qualified to get this privilege. Tell your doctor that you are getting your handicap-parking pass and ask for a permanent assurance that you need it. Your doctor will identify your right to qualify to get the permit. So, feel free to go to your doctor if you feel the need depending on your physical condition. If you are temporarily disabled, you may opt to obtain a temporary disabled parking pass, which is good for 6 months.
  • Get the application forms. Next, you will need to accomplish or fill out some application forms and prepare the requirements for processing your parking pass. For some states you may get this application forms from your local motor vehicle department. You can go straight to the Department Motor Vehicles to get the signing form, or go to the website and see if you can download the form and sign it there. Just find the website for your local DMV (listed at for more details.
  • Sign the form. You will need to include some basic information regarding the disability that you have in completing and signing the form. Complete the application form required. This may require you to give information about the vehicle you have, together with the vehicle number and the type of placard that you are asking for. It requires you to give your personal contact number and most especially you will have to give your physical condition according to the disability you have. And lastly, pay the processing fee that your state may require.
  • Consider getting a disabled license plate. If you know that your handicap condition is permanent, then you may have to get a disabled license plate. You can apply for a disabled license plate to get enough accessibility for your own condition. As mentioned earlier, handicap-parking pass would often last for as long as six months only. It is best for you to get the handicap license for the convenience you will need for your entire lifetime. However, some states would only issue one parking pass permit to an individual. If you have other cars, you will not be given another certification for the other cars so you will have to use only one car to get the handicap parking pass privilege.

Having a disability doesn’t have to be very hard when it comes to getting favor especially when you get outside your own home. The government usually gives enough attention to people on this condition. This is to make their lives more convenient since they are the ones who suffer more often from discrimination. In providing them this kind of care and privilege, they would somehow ease their minds in getting around other people and places.


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