How To Open a Bar and Grill

Any chance you want to make do with your know-how in mixing drinks and serve up delicious food and make a profit at the same time? How about starting out with your own bar and grill? Working in the industry prior to running one is important since back operations can just as well be important as the entertainment or food part of the business.

  • Location and design. Regarding a food business, a busy area is ideal. A high number of people passing through and good parking space can make you an ideal stopover for a few drinks and a good meal. The design of a bar and grill should be contemporary and classic as well. It all depends on the owner and the crowd you want to attract. An open bar and a dining area strategically placed will assure adequate seating.
  • Permits and licenses. Before opening, a liquor license must be in order. This is essential to gain credibility among customers. Health considerations and compliance should be top priority and must be done ahead. Special laws established by the local health department are to be followed where the placement of a kitchen and storage area would be. Retro fitting is important and permits are sometimes the hurdles in the construction or design of an area.
  • Buying or renting. A startup can fizzle down depending on the budget you are allowing to provide for the space. Necessary repairs, plumbing and electricity should be the main focal point in considering a place. Make wise decisions and avoid unnecessary mistakes by letting pass a few minor details to become hurdles in the end. Have an architect, plumber and professional inspector to make sure that the area is safe. Cost effective planning as well as weighing the pros and cons of renting can save you a lot in the end.  
  • Style and mood. To make your bar a unique spot and a regular hang out, you can do your own research on the net. Check out the local bars that are around your area and compare one to another. Aside from the menu, the theme and specific mood that your place lets in for your customers makes for a refreshing experience from other local competitors. Setting up a sports channel as added attraction or martini nights can draw in a specific crowd. Marketing and creating a buzz for your place can lend you a lot of edge. Being a new place, a soft opening of discounted food and drinks can be advantageous to attract potential customers.

Now that you are almost ready, you can learn also from competitors or friends who have made it in the restaurant business. Free tips and advice is important as these come from first hand experience. Study your competition. Always be innovative as this business can be unpredictable. Good service, good food and sometimes listening to your customers can improve your space. Now you can get a bird’s eye view and give it a go with these simple, plan ahead tips.


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