How To Open a Locked Cell Phone

Are you able to make use of your cell phone with another network provider? If not, the problem is that the cell phone is locked into the service of the provider where you purchased the phone from. The good news for you is that a locked cell phone is not anymore a problem these days. There are several things you can do to open your mobile phone so it can be used with all other carriers. Here's what you can do to open your locked cell phone:

  • Call the customer service to get a key code. Most of the time, your phone is locked only during the duration of your contract with the company. Hence, if the contract has already ended, call the customer service to ask for the unlocking key code in unlocking the phone. If they bother to ask you why you need to open the phone, you can say that you need your phone for your travel overseas. Or, you can reason out that you purchased a locked phone and want to open it so you can use it with them. If in case a representative will not give you a key code, ask to talk to a manager.
  • Use an unlocking code application. There are a lot of code generators in the Internet that can help you unlock old phone models. This is especially true for Nokia phones but there are also code generators to unlock Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Panasonic mobile phones. Search the Internet for code generators like this. Some can come for free while other requires a fee from you.
  • Use a special set of software and hardware. This works for a lot of newer phones in the market. You need unlocking software and a cable that are both available online. The price of this set usually ranges from 15 to 50 dollars.
  • Let a professional unlock the phone for you. If your phone is a Motorola, unlocking it can be complicated. You need to access the circuits of the phone and put it in diagnostics so you can get the unlock code. Hence, it is a lot better to hire a professional to do this for you.
  • Send the phone to unlocking services. There are some phones such as the ones from Samsung that require a special kind of software for unlocking purposes. However, most special software can be priced as high as 200 dollars. Hence, the better option for this scenario is to send the phone instead to an unlocking company so you will spend less.
  • Check for companies that are offering unlocking services. There are different kinds of companies today that are offering services to unlock phones. There are some that can process the unlocking remotely while some needs to have your phone with them. Check out the market for the most convenient and most affordable service you can find. However, make sure that you choose a reliable company to do this job for you.

Opening a locked cell phone can be cheap or expensive depending on how you want to solve the problem. When speaking of practicality, there are a lot of things you can do to open your phone. Hence, a locked phone is not anymore a challenge these days.


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