How To Open a Pandora Bracelet

The Pandora bracelet has come a long way from its introduction way back in 1999. Now, it is being sold in around 18 countries all over the globe. What makes this bracelet popular is not only its elegance and statement. It is also the jewelry's secret clasp.

As all other bracelets, Pandora's clasp is there to secure the jewelry on the wrist. However, what is unique about this clasp of the Pandora is that it is a valuable addition to the appeal and beauty of the jewelry. However, the problem with this clasp is that it can be very tricky to open. However, once you discover the clasp's secret, the Pandora's clasp will not be a challenge for you anymore. Check out how you can open the bracelet's clasp:

  • Know which of the beads in the Pandora the clasp is. There is a reason why Pandora's clasp is called a secret clasp. This is because it is not obvious to the eyes and is even hard to find. The clasp is just like all the other decorative beads in the bracelet. However, you can tell whether if the bead is the clasp or not by a simple slit. The clasp bead has a very thin slit from one end to another.
  • Put enough pressure on the bead's slit. Now that you are holding the clasp, press your thumb's nail in the slit of the bead clasp. Put enough pressure until such time that the hinged clasp pops open.
  • Open the clasp fully using your fingers. This part is just easy to do. You have to use some of your fingers to split open the clasp that has already been slightly opened. This is necessary so the loose end of the Pandora will be exposed. Of course, you need the loose end of the Pandora to further open the jewelry.
  • Lift the loose end of the Pandora. Now that the bracelet's end is exposed, lift it out from the grooved cradle. At this open, you are already successful opening the Pandora bracelet. You can now take it off your wrist and keep it or you can already wear it for any occasion.
  • Close the Pandora bracelet. Unlike opening the clasp, closing it is a lot easier. Place the loose end of the Pandora into the cradle. Then, squeeze Pandora's clasp in between your finger. You will know if the clasp has already been locked if it has snapped tightly and closed as a full bracelet again.
  • Use a Pandora clasp opener for this purpose. It is true that using your nail to split open the clasp of the bracelet can ruin your well-cared nails. If you do not want this to happen, get the special Pandora clasp opener. The manufacturer offers a flower-shaped opener that helps in opening the bracelet with ease. The good news about this opener is that if you do not use it, it can double as your own cell phone's charm.

Now that you know how to open a bracelet from Pandora, you can count yourself in to the population of the elite Pandora owners. Take the clasp as a secret of everyone being accepted in the sisterhood. Today, as you wear that bracelet, you are one of the many ladies who will be envied by people who know about this wonderful and interesting bracelet.


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