How To Open an Electronic Safe

An electronic safe allows you to keep your valuables in a safe place.  Today, more and more households place an electronic safe in their house to safe keep jewelry and other important documents.  Most electronic safes are also fire-rated so that they can keep important documents intact in cases of fire.

Safes come in two types – electronic and manual.  Manual safes are more traditional as you can open it by using the rotating dial or by using a special key.  Electronic safes on the other hand can be opened by either fingerprint or by keying-in a combination of numbers or letters.

The problem with keeping a safe at home is when you lose the key or you forgot the password that you set.  In cases like these, you will need to learn how to manually open an electronic safe.

Upon purchase of your safe, a user’s manual comes with it, make sure that you do not throw away this manual.  Keep it somewhere safe so that you can revert to it if anything goes wrong with the safe.  The user’s manual also contains valuable information about the manufacturer so that you can contact them if your safe fails to open.

If you fail to keep the manual, then don’t worry.  There are a lot of other ways to open your safe.  Check out the brand of your safe and surf for information on the Internet.  If you successfully locate the manufacturer’s website, you can try to send them an e-mail so that they can assist you.

  • Check out the back portion of your safe.  Most safes have bolt opening at their rear sides.  You will need a flashlight to light the rear portion so that you can see clearer.  An electronic safe will have an electronic panel at its rear side.  You will know that you are looking at the electronic panel if you see a keypad or other sorts of buttons.
  • Arm yourself with a strong wire that is thin enough to get through the hole.  Slide the wire into the hole and see if you can poke into the ‘reset’ button.  This button is usually indicated by a red color.  Upon resetting, you will be prompted to enter a new code on the electronic pad of the safe, choose one that is easy to remember.  You will then be asked if you want to set this new password, select the set button so that your new password will be saved.
  • After you tinker with the rear portion, go back to the front electronic panel of your safe.  You need to set a new code for the front panel.  Try accessing the front panel by using the code that you saved on the rear panel.  If it fails to enter, chances are, you missed to push the ‘set’ button.  Repeat the above steps until you finally open your safe.

Keep in mind that not all safes are the same.  It’s best to refer to the user’s manual for a complete guide on how to retrieve your password.  If you live with someone at your home, share your safe’s password so that you can be reminded of the code.  Make sure that you use a code that is difficult to guess yet easy to remember.


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