How To Open an ING Direct Savings Account

People preach about saving up yet it seldom develops as a habit.  Many incidents can attest how important saving up can be in one’s life.  People say that you should save at least thirty percent of your income so that you can secure your future.  While thirty percent does sound too much, you can always start with as little as ten percent and work on increasing it as you adjust.

Whether you are saving for grand vacation, a car, a house of your own, or for security purpose, it’s best to have an end in mind.  Set a realistic goal and work on how much you need to save.  

The problem with saving up using a typical bank account is that you get hold of your income prior to having an opportunity to visit the bank.  Temptation is everywhere: a much-awaited sale, a newly launched gadget, splurging on dinners or even impulse buying, can lead to severe damage on your saving up plan.  

Great thing there are banks that offer direct saving up services that automatically transfer money from existing accounts.  More and more banks offer this kind of service due to the convenience.

If you are residing in the United Kingdom, you can check out one of the famous company that offers the direct savings account – the ING Direct.  ING Direct allows users to easily transfer money from their current accounts to their save up account.

To set up your own ING Direct account, just follow the steps below:

  • First, search for ING Direct account’s official webpage.  You can easily key in “ING Direct” on your browser and it will lead you to the homepage.  In the screen, locate the link “Open an account.” Click this link and you will be directed to a page with different options or you to choose from.  On top of saving account, ING also offers retirement accounts and mortgage assistance; select the option “Orange Savings Account.”
  • You will not be led to a page with an overview on the savings account.  Read the overview carefully as this page will discuss the interest rates and other important details.  You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website if you have any doubts in mind.
  • Once you’ve completely decided, click on the “Open Now” option in the same page as the “Open an Account” page.  You will be directed to a new link that will contain the terms and conditions in opening and maintaining an ING savings account   Prepare the important details of your existing bank account which will fund the direct savings account.
  • Patiently fill out all the required fields in the application.  You will again be asked for the type of account that you choose to open.  Do not be wary about answering personal questions such as social security details and addresses.  This information will be protected with strict confidentiality. 

You will then need to key in the account information of the funding account in the appropriate fields.  Next, create a personal login name and a secured password known only to you.  ING uses a verification system wherein the system will deposit a random amount into your account.  You will need to verify the amount deposited logging into your account.  A successful verification will allow you to use your ING Direct account.


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