How To Organize a Convention

Organizing a convention is no easy task but it is not impossible. You just need to be dedicated and you must know how to use your resources. You can follow the tips that are provided below to learn how you can organize a convention the easy way.

  • Look for a location. The first step is to look for a location where you can hold the convention. You have plenty of options for this. You can book banquet halls, convention centers, hotels and even outdoor areas. Choose the location that is best for the type of convention that you are going to have. Talk with the manager of the location to ask some questions.
  • Set a date and time. Determine the exact date and time of the convention so that you can reserve the location and start doing the next steps. Some conventions last for a few days. When setting a date for the convention, do not choose holidays and dates where there are also other types of conventions booked. This will lessen the people who will attend your convention.
  • Book guests. You need some speakers and special guests to attend your convention to attract more people. Invite your guests months in advance so that you can immediately find out if they are available. By doing this, you will have more time to look for other possible guests if your first choice is not available.
  • Advertise your convention. Advertising is a big part of organizing a convention. Put up flyers and posters in different areas. Use the Internet to spread the information to more people. You can post the convention information on online bulletin boards and forums. Word of mouth is also a great idea.
  • Pre-registration period. Allow a pre-registration period for those who are interested in attending the convention. This is useful so that you will immediately have money that you can spend to make the convention better. As an incentive, provide discounts for those who are going to register early.
  • Find volunteers. Find volunteers who will help you during the convention. Post advertisements that you are looking for volunteers so that you can get them as early as possible. The volunteers should be interested in the convention and must be active in participating so that they can help the guests and visitors during the convention.
  • Set up the venue. A few days before the convention, work with the manager of the venue so that you can set up early for the convention. Put up decorations, posters, chairs, tables, a stage and other items that you need. Make sure that everything is in order so that the convention will go smoothly as planned.
  • Final preparations. On the day of the convention, brief your volunteers on their specific jobs and arrive early so that you can double check if everything is organized.

Use these tips to help you organize a convention easily. Expect long sleepless nights while preparing for the convention. Your sacrifices and hard work will pay off after the convention.


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