How To Organize a Home & Office

Many people strive for a life that allows them to work at home. However, only a few are able to do so with success. Whether you are running your own home-based business or you were given the green light by your employer to work from your house, your success will be dependent on how well you can organize yourself at home. And, it all starts with an optimized home office. Here are some ideas on how you can set up a room in your house to become your place of business while still managing to organize the other aspects in your home.

  • Select the room. Technically, any room will do provided that it has ample space for a desk or workstation. The room should be well-lit and should have ample utilities in it such as power sockets and lighting fixtures. It should also have facilities for Internet access as you will need it for your work.
  • Setting up the room will require you to measure the dimensions in order for you to plan out where the desk will go, where the shelves will be installed, and where the other things you will need in the room will be located.
  • Start with the desk. This is the most important element of your home office. This will be where you will be working at most of the time. If possible, use a multisided desk to give you more space on it for your computers, paperwork, and other accessories.
  • Install optimum lighting. No workspace will be efficient without proper lighting. Make sure that you have enough ambient lighting during the day via the windows. Hence, your desk should be located in a way that the natural light can stream in. During at night, you will want to have good lighting for the entire room plus a nice reading light on your desk.
  • Set up your communications equipment. Every home office will require a landline installed in the room as well as a computer, whether it is a desktop or laptop, equipped with Internet access. You will want to have a desktop printer as well as a fax machine installed as well. Don’t worry, you can purchase a device equipped with both.
  • Set a calendar. A nice calendar board on a wall or on the door will be great to manage your activities for each day. The calendar should have the tasks you will have to accomplish daily, both for work and home. This is so you can avoid scheduling conflicts regarding work and home activities.
  • You may want to consider hanging a white board as well to provide further direction and planning with regards to work and scheduling.
  • Stick to a schedule. This is another element that will be critical in helping you manage both work and home life. Remember, you will be working at home, so your kids and other family members may bother you during the time when you should be working. Hence, it is important that you maintain a strict schedule so that you do not get waylaid. Set a rigid amount of hours for work and explain to your family that you should not be bothered during this time unless it is an emergency. At the same time, make sure that once your work is done, it does not interfere with the hours you should spend cooking, doing the dishes, and doing the laundry.

Most of all, work should not interfere with quality time with your family. Remember, the primary purpose of your decision to work from home is so that you can manage your time wisely and be with your family when they need you to be there.


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