How To Organize a Tea Party

Tea parties are normally reserved for the elite and elderly women in society. This traditional social get-together can be traced back to British society during the era of royalty. The noble women back then used to organize tea parties with the objective of mingling with the elite of the elites.

Today, tea parties can be organized by anyone and is not just for the rich, powerful, and wealthy. However, this type of affair will not appeal to men. That said only women would find this type of party inviting. So, if you are looking to throw a party that exudes class and civility, somewhat emulating the era of the elites, then here are some tips to make it happen.

  • Begin with the details. Decide on the date and time for the party as well as the venue. Technically, you can host the tea party in your home especially if you want to keep it exclusive. You can choose to hold it inside your house somewhere in the living room and dining area or you can opt for an outdoor feel to it by holding it on your patio, backyard, or front porch. In any case, you will have to do some cleaning and decorating if you plan to make the affair classy and elegant. As for the date, try to pick one where all the women you plan to invite are free. As for the time, traditionally, afternoons and late mornings would be perfect.
  • Distribute the invitations. Make a list of people that you would want to invite. With this list, start printing out invitations that you will send out. Since the tea party exudes elegance and class, make sure to design your invitations with that in mind. Send these out a few weeks before the scheduled date. Make sure to include RSVP details in order to get an accurate headcount of the attending guests. It would likewise be a good idea to include the dress code for the party. Sunday dresses would be a nice idea however; you can opt for something a bit more formal.
  • Decorate and prepare. A couple of days before the actual date of the party make sure that the venue is adequately decorated. The table where all of you will be seated should have a nice white or floral mantle. You will also have to bring out your best silverware and china, particularly teaspoons, forks, table knives, saucers, cups, and tea pitchers. If you don’t have them, then consider purchasing or borrowing.
  • Prepare the food. Aside from the tea, you will need to serve light snacks. Danish pastries and cookies are great ideas to start with. You can even place some crackers with butter and jam on the side. Scones, bagels, and other light breads are acceptable as well.

Of course, do not forget to have the tea available. It would be a good move to provide various flavors for your guests to choose from. Make sure that you have milk, honey, sugar, and lemon available and waiting as well.

Once the guest arrive, you can either serve the tea yourself or prepare a buffet table and have each guest prepare their own cup of tea as well as the food.


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