How To Organize Volunteers when Helping a Sick Friend

If you have a friend that is somewhat terminally ill or has a sickness that requires a lot of help, something that you cannot manage alone then you will definitely need to get more and more people to help out.  Unfortunately, this can be quite difficult if you do not know where to start.  Well, here are some tips for you to try out in order to get more people to join the program, the program to help someone in need, your friend.

  • Print and give out flyers.  Technically, recruiting volunteers to help your sick friend out will really boil down to marketing and advertising.  Once you have the number of volunteers you need, everything else will fit in like clockwork.

    So, anyway, start off by designing and printing some flyers on the computer.  Explain the medical predicament of your friend and that you need to recruit as much people to help out as you can, whether it is to raise funds for an operation, find an organ or blood donor, or organize an around the clock care program for him.  Regardless, make sure to include what you need on the flyers and print a master copy.  Now, go to the copy place and have multiple copies reproduced.

  • Once you have multiple copies, now comes the legwork.  Go around the community and start distributing the flyers.  Focus on local churches, schools, community centers, and college campuses as most of the people you will find here will often be willing to volunteer their time and services.  If possible, have the priest or pastor of each church try to announce your need during Sunday service.
  • Start a website. Another option that you can explore that has been pretty effective recently is by taking your plight to the Internet.  Set up a simple website dedicated to the needs of your friend.  Include pictures and written content showing how your friend is ailing and is in need of help.  If you are looking to raise funds, then you can link your site with an online payment gateway to receive donations.  If you are looking for volunteers, then simply place a sign up page.  Now, the website is just a start.  In order to spread the word, you will have to do a lot more.

For starters, making use of social media and social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace is a great way to market your website and your charitable program.  Use these to promote the website as well as provide status updates to the people concerned about your friend.  You can share photos and videos of your sick friend to make his plight more legitimate.

Don’t forget to do an email campaign to announce your friend’s need to all his and your friends.  Furthermore, take one more step and start advertising on online classifieds such as Craigslist.

When you are able to recruit a good number of volunteers, invite them all for a meeting.  If you have volunteers for the farther reaches of the world, then consider doing an online conference.  Once you are able to gather all the volunteers, start designating work and forming committees.  Plan out the objectives and the steps to reach them and work together toward the primary goal, to make your friend feel better.


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