How To Outline the Eyes for Halloween Cat Makeup

Wearing cat's eye makeup is really a great way to bring out an exotic slant to your eyes. Many Hollywood stars have sported this look, especially Angelina Jolie. There is something sexy and mysterious when wearing cat's eyes makeup. If you are planning to wear a cat costume for Halloween, this type of eye makeup should help in making your costume awesome. The eyes will make or break a cat costume, so make sure you know how to do it perfectly. Below are steps on how to make that perfect cat's eye look.

  • Prepare your eye lids. By applying a primer to your eyelids, you are providing a base for the eye makeup, so it will stay on longer, and the eyeliner and other makeup will glide on smoother. It also rids your eyes of discoloration or darkening, like eye bags that could diminish the effect of cat's eyes. Use a makeup base primer for this. If you do not have a primer, you may also use concealer.
  • Choose the perfect eye shadow. The color of your eye shadow will depend on how you want to portray your cat costume. If you want a more bright-eyed, whimsical cat look, then you should choose the shades that are nearer your skin tone. Choose the shimmered eye shadows for more impact. If you prefer a sultrier, darker cat look, then you should opt for smoky shades like grays, charcoals and a lot of blacks. Don't overdo the smoky eye look, though, or you might look like you just got punched in the eye.
  • Learn more about liquid and gel liners. Liquid and gel liner are perfect eyeliners to create that cat's eye look. Though they may be a little difficult to apply, the results are amazing. Liquid and gel liners provide a strong, clean line, and provide good definition. Practice using the liquid or gel liner a few days before your event, so when the time comes, you will be a pro at applying this. If you are afraid of making a mistake while using a liner, you can put guides in your eyes so you can apply them symmetrically for both eyes. Try putting a tiny dot at the outer and upper corners of your eye, so you can have a guide. Repeat this step on your lower and inner eye corners.
  • Draw the eyes in. Using your liner, draw a line on your upper eyelids, starting from the inner corner going towards the outer corners. Using the dot as a guide, draw a small diagonal line from where your lash line ends to the dot in the outer corner. This time using the dot in the lower corner as a guide, draw a second diagonal line from this down to your waterline. The water line is the inner rim of the bottom lash line. This is usually where tears begin, hence the name, waterline. Line your waterline completely from inner to outer corner. If you are using a liquid liner, switch to a pencil liner in Noir or black. The liquid liner might run and could sting your eyes. If you are using the gel liner, then you won't need to switch to pencil liners.
  • Finish up with mascara. Once you have completed lining both eyes, you can now add mascara to your lashes. If you wish to bring out your lashes more, add extra coats of mascara. Make sure that you curl your lashes first before applying the mascara. You may also use false eyelashes for extra impact.

Now you've got your cat's eyes down pat. If you wish to wear this look during normal occasions, you may do so, but tone done the thickness of the liner and mascara.


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