How To Pack a Bento Box

A bento box is known as Japanese way to pack lunches. Bento boxes are perfect for kids who go to school, and also for adults who don't like to spend too much on lunch while at work. Bento boxes are popular because they are compact, neat and easy to bring along. They are also fun to make and can include a lot of different kinds of food in limited portions, which is the healthy way to have lunch. If you would like to create bento boxes for lunch, below are ways on how to do it.

  • Find a bento box. Bento boxes look like plastic containers but with partitions. There are less expensive plastic bento boxes, and there are those that are authentic Japanese bento boxes, which are usually lacquered. You may find these kinds of boxes in Asian groceries or Japanese home outlet stores. If you can't find authentic bento boxes, you may use your regular Tupperware containers, and fashion some dividers for it.
  • Purchase accessories for the bento box. There are various food dividers made of silicon found in groceries. You may purchase this to be able to add compartments to the bento box. You should also purchase molds for shaping food into fun, compact shapes. You can also look for some nori punches to add some decorations for your seaweed wraps. Part of the fun of packing a bento box is the quirky and fun designs you can make. Make sure you buy lots of stuff to accessorize the bento box.
  • Divide your meal into different parts. For every one part of fish or any meat, you must add three parts of rice and two parts of healthy vegetables. The point of having a bento box is to prepare a balanced meal with all components making up a nutritious, filling meal. By combining vegetables, meat or fish and rice, you now have a balanced meal that is filling and delicious. If you prefer to bring dessert with you but don't have enough room for it, then prepare it in a smaller box.
  • Time to design your bento box. Now comes the fun part. You can now arrange the food to make it look fun and exciting. If you are doing bento boxes for kids, you can create faces into the bento box to make it interesting. You can use your molds to shape your rice into cute stars, clouds or even cartoon characters. If you'd like to get extra creative, add some food coloring to make it more realistic and interesting. You can use clean paper or plastic to form and shape the partitions the way you want them to look. You can browse online for ideas on how to make fun and interesting bento boxes.
  • Pack the bento boxes into insulated bags. To keep the bento box fresh until lunch time, find a bag that has good insulation. This allows you to maintain the freshness of the bento box at least until lunch. If possible, have it refrigerated before taking it out to eat for lunch. There are antibacterial sheets for bento boxes that could preserve the freshness of food and prevent bacteria from growing in it.

Now that you know how to make bento boxes, feel free to experiment and come up with crazy and fun designs. Surprise your kids or your spouse and make their lunch break something to look forward to.


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