How To Pack for a Long Trip

Packing for long trips can be very difficult for most people, especially if you are heading for a place with cold weather.

The key to packing for a long trip is finding proper clothing and items that are not too bulky or heavy.  To help you pack for long trips, read the tips below.

  • Use a sturdy and high quality luggage.  This will be your investment. Your luggage should be strong enough to withstand transport and big enough to carry your items.  
  • Know your check-in luggage allowance. If you are flying to get to your destination, know how much baggage weight is allowed for you to check-in.  Knowing this beforehand will help you plan on how much things you can bring without having to pay for excess baggage.
  • Research on your destination. Know the weather and culture. Some destinations, mostly in Muslim countries, may have some restrictions in your clothing. If you need to be fully covered, regardless of the weather, plan accordingly. Also, if clothes are cheaper in that area, you may opt to bring only few pieces of clothing and purchase there instead. Also bring adapters for your electronic gadgets.
  • List your outfits. Choose basic articles of clothing that you can mix and match. If you are going to a tropical country, then you will be able to save space as you can mostly pack shorts or skirts. Most of the fabric that you should bring should also be lightweight.  If you are traveling to go a place in winter, this can be tricky.  Pack at most only 2 coats of different basic color so you can have spare when you have to wash the other.
  • Roll instead of fold.  Rolling clothes save more space than packing them folded.  Also consider looking into packing tools such as vacuum packs to remove excess air and make your items more compact.
  • Opt for disposable items. There are several travel-friendly items available nowadays, including disposable underwear.  This can be helpful in freeing up some luggage space when you come back. For toiletries, if they are readily available in your destination at reasonable prices, buy them there instead. Only bring a few by placing them in small travel containers. Place all containers with liquid in a ziploc bag to avoid them from spilling on other items in the suitcase.
  • Divide essential items when traveling in a group.  If you have company in your travel, try to divide essential items between your luggage.  This way, in case one of your bags gets lost, you will have spare clothing the bag of the other. Try to also split your valuables if you are to carry several bags.
  • Do not forget to pack some identification documents and cards.  If you are going out of the country, do not forget to bring your passport. Have it photocopied and leave copies in you each of your bags.
  • Pack your vitamins and other medication.  Have room for a first aid kit that includes your vitamins and other needed medications.

List all of the items you need and have a different list for the items you wish to bring with you.  Make sure you have all the essentials packed before adding the non-essential ones.


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