How To Pack for Airplane Travel

There are various security checks that you need to pass through if you want to travel by air. There are strict new guidelines and pat down procedures that are being implemented by the TSA or the Transportation Security Administration. If you want to avoid the hassles of prolonged security checks, you need to make sure that you pack correctly for airplane travel. Here’s how.

  • Sort your luggage. Start by determining where your luggage will go during the travel. Generally, there are two types of luggage that you can have during air travel. The first is your carry-on luggage, while the second is your checked luggage. The carry-on luggage is those that you will hand-carry with you up to the airplane cabin and which you can access during the flight. The checked luggage, on the other hand, is usually stored in other parts of the airplane and needs to be submitted before your flight. You can only retrieve the checked baggage after the flight has landed. Personal items that you will use during the flight should be stored in the carry-on luggage. All else should be stored in the checked baggage.
  • Weight limits and piece limits. Next, check the particular airline about the policies on the luggage. There is usual a maximum weight limit to the checked baggage that you can carry with you, as well as a limit to the number of carryon items that you can bring with you on the plane. If you have excessive carry-on luggage, they will not be allowed to be brought to the plane. If you have excessive checked baggage, they will be charged with an extra fee.
  • Banned items. Next, check the list of items that are banned from the plane. The exact list of prohibited or banned items is in the TSA website. Consult the list before you prepare for your airplane trip, because the list changes every now and then. Generally, flammable objects, objects that can be used as weapons, objects that are bladed, and tools such as screwdrivers or hammers are all prohibited from flights.
  • Liquids. Also know that you are prohibited from carrying more than 3.4 ounces of any liquid. The 3.4 ounces is measured not in weight, but according to the container. This means that a 5 ounce container cannot be brought into the plane, even if it contains less than 3.4 ounces of actual content. The only exceptions are if you are brining medication or baby formula aboard the plane.
  • Cushioning. When packing your checked baggage, make sure that you fold all of the items carefully, so that it will be easier for the TSA personnel to check your baggage. Also make sure that you place all of the fragile or breakable objects in the inside of the bags, so that they will be cushioned during the trip and as the TSA personnel handle your luggage. Expect the baggage to be handled ro

Finally, make sure that all of your luggage are properly labeled and locked. There are only certain types of locks that are allowed on an airplane, so make sure that you read up on the allowed locks. With these steps, you should be able to prepare your luggage for your airplane travel with as little hassle as possible when it comes to the airport security.


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