How To Painlessly Get Rid of Household Clutter

At one point you may have your house cluttered with so much junk that you can barely see the floor. Procrastination always gets the better of everyone. You may say that you will clean the house and get rid of junk but still you haven’t gotten around to doing it until the trash piles up. You are not alone in your dilemma. Many households all around the world go through this phase. So what to do to get rid of all those clutter piling up in your house? Get your broom and rubbish bin and get started on cleaning your house from top to bottom. This article will give you tips on how to de-clutter your home.

  • Open your garage door or wherever you store the things that you no longer use. You will be surprised to see how much clutter there are in your garage and elsewhere. These are the things that you no longer use but feel guilty of throwing them out, either because of their sentimental value or you just don’t want to see them in the trash.
  • Classify the pile of clutter. Group them according to their kinds and check if they can still be reused. If they are beyond repair, toss them in the trash. No use in giving away useless junk. Decide on which ones you still want to keep. If you think that you will be using some of them in the near future, then by all means keep them. Just make sure that they are clean and dust-free when you take them back to their storage.
  • Donate to the Salvation Army. Salvage whatever you have that can still be used by other people who otherwise can’t afford to buy brand new ones. Not only will you get rid of them, but you will also do your part in helping needy people through charity.
  • Hold a garage sale. You can sell unused things at a very low price to neighbors and other passersby who happen upon your garage sale. People will be amazed at the beautiful and still serviceable things that are up for sale at very affordable prices.
  • Give away to relatives and friends. Ask your aunt if she wants an old toaster. Give the old computer to your cousin or nephew. Give your old clothes to your nieces. They might even like the vintage look. You can free a lot of closet space for your new wardrobe if you give away your old clothes that you no longer use.

Doesn’t it feel good to see your house clean and free from things that you and your family no longer use? You have also donated those that are still usable. Everything didn’t really go to waste. There are needy people who can’t afford to buy new things that will benefit from the things that you have donated. Not only will you have a clean house, but you will feel good from helping others as well. De-clutter your house at least twice a year and you will be amazed to discover that in a span of a few months, you have accumulated a new pile of clutter.


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