How To Paint a Table Art Deco Style

If you are the type that is into art deco then sooner or later you are bound to paint your own furniture to lend your home an art deco taste. One of the easiest pieces of furniture to paint is a small table, like a coffee table, which can easily become a statement piece. Having a few standout pieces that are strategically placed all over your home will definitely serve as conversation pieces. The steps and tips below will help you paint and decorate your own table in art deco style.

  • Materials that you will need:
        • Art deco images or pegs (found from the Internet)
        • Latex primer
        • Acrylic paint in several colors
        • Latex primer
        • Brushes in different sizes and widths
        • Polyurethane finish

  • Coating your table with primer. Before you coat your table with primer, sand it if it has a rough surface so that the paint will glide on evenly. Once you have sanded your tabletop coat it with a single layer of primer, making sure that you cover all areas.
  • Sketching your drawing. The image that you got from the Internet can be printed on a piece of paper where you can have some transfer paper underneath or carbon paper. Trace the outline of the image unto the table or if you are skilled enough, just sketch it directly on top of the primed table.
  • Coloring it in. Once you have the design copied down or fully sketched, it is time for you to color it in. Art deco colors are quite basic and do not need huge amounts of shading so you can start with just filling in the spaces with some flat colors. Flat brushes would work well with this and you can just switch to smaller Chinese brushes for the finer details in your artwork.
  • Adding some extra stuff. You can also go wild with the other parts of the table such as the edges and the legs. These may not have printed images on them but you can still paint them wildly with contrasting colors or maybe some metallic paint to further make the table pop out. Paint some borders around your table edge to give the image an extra pop.
  • Letting your paint dry. When you are happy with how you colored and painted your image, let the paint completely dry, which can take from an hour to a couple of hours depending on the weather of your location.
  • Spraying some finishing material. Once the paint is dried up completely, spray a layer of polyurethane finish on the table so that there will be a layer of coating from protection from water or any other type of spills. Let this layer completely dry again and you can spray on another layer as extra precaution.

Position your table very nicely where people can appreciate your artwork and see how much work you’ve placed on it. Make sure that it is used as a coffee table or some centerpiece that will not just be used as a table for a lamp. If it is used as a centerpiece then people will most likely view and appreciate the amount of work that you have done on this particular piece. You can later move on to chairs, trays and other pieces of furniture, even lampposts, if you are in the mood to make your home decked in art deco furniture.


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