How To Paint an Outdoor Concrete Patio

Patios can be boring looking especially if made of regular concrete. For those who want to give their patios a quick change in look or to keep it in tune with the holidays, painting your concrete patio can quickly change the look of your yard or back yard. The steps below will help you do this project on your own without the need to hire professionals. It is quite easy and fun to do on a free weekend.

  • Materials that you will need:
        • Several cans of outdoor paint, can be rubberized paint or regular outdoor paint
        • Roller brush with a longer handle
        • Paint tray
        • Some sponge
        • Clear sealer

  • Cleaning your patio as a first step. With any painting job, you need to first make sure that your canvass is clean and dry. For your patio project, scrub and sweep your patio until it is clear of any debris especially mud. You can use a garden hose to help you sweep away the dirt and let your patio dry completely before moving on to the paint job.
  • Painting the background. Make sure that your patio is dry and then decide on what color concrete you want as a background, especially if you are painting a design on your patio. Once you know what type of color you want, place around half a gallon of paint on your tray. Do not put too much since it is always easier to put more paint than to put it back in the can. Apply one layer of paint on your entire patio then decide if you need a second layer. Allow the first layer to dry completely in case you want to have a second layer.
  • Adding your decoration. Once you are done with the background color, add your decoration by either sponge painting it or doing some hand painting with a smaller paintbrush. For sponge painting, just dip your sponge into your tray of paint and wring it dry so that there will be no dripping paint on your patio. Apply and dab the sponge lightly all over your patio. You can try changing the position the way you hold your sponge so that it will create an unpredictable design on your floor. Once in a while, take a few steps back and look at the overall effect to see if you are applying it quite evenly across the floor. Allow your first layer to dry before placing on another layer. You can try applying a different color of sponge color on top of your regular one.
  • Applying a clear sealer. Once you are happy with your patio, apply a clear sealer all over your patio with a fresh roller brush. Make sure that you cover all areas and one way to do this is to systematically go from one end of the patio to the other to make sure that you have sealed all areas of the floor.

Once dry, about a couple of hours, you can walk on your patio. The sealer will protect your paint from water and any regular spillages. You can apply a second later of sealer if you want to be doubly sure.


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