How To Paint Car Trim

Car trims usually fade in time but if you plan to give back the oomph of your car, all you need to do is to just repaint the trim and you will bring it back to its good old days. This project can be a bit tricky since painting on plastic is not as easy as it seems. Paint naturally slides off plastic so you would need to sand it first before applying paint. The steps below are easy to follow and there are a few pieces that you need to get before you get started.

  • Materials that you need:
        • Plastic primer
        • Car paint (any color that you choose to use)
        • Sandpaper, 1200 grit
        • Water screwdriver
        • Old newspapers
        • Cloth or towels

  • Starting the project. You can start doing this project by taking out the car trim from the body of the car with a screwdriver. Take note which screw goes into which spot so that you will not have trouble putting it back later. Lay the pieces of the trim on the old newspapers that you have laid out on the floor. The newspaper will protect your floor from getting unwanted paint splattered all over it.
  • Preparing the trim with primer. You must now prepare the car trim by spraying it on with some primer for plastic materials. You must use primer that is specifically formulated to be used with plastic or else the paint might just slide off the plastic. Let the first coat dry completely before spraying on another coat. Make sure you have all sides covered with the primer and make sure, too, that you are covering the material evenly.
  • Spraying it with the color of your choice. Your next step would be to get your paint of choice and spray this on your car trim as well. The same trick with the primer applies here – you must allow the paint to be completely dry before coating with another layer.
  • Using the wet sand technique. The next thing you need to do is to apply the wet sand technique to the car trim. You can do this by soaking your sandpaper (1200 grit sandpaper) and gently scrubbing or sanding the surface covered with paint to eliminate rough spots on the surface. You must not take out the paint by sanding; you must just smoothen out the surface. If you accidentally scrape of the paint during this process then you can just cover it again with paint and use the wet sand technique again.
  • Drying your car trim. When all surfaces are smooth and you are done wet-sanding the piece, dry the car trim with the use of some towels or cloth. Make sure that you dry all sides of the trim before you proceed to the next step.
  • Spraying another layer. Next is to spray another layer of paint on your trim and then wet-sanding it again and drying it again.

Once you get the color that you want, just let it dry completely before reinstalling it to your car. Try to remember which bolt or screw goes where and you should be installing your newly painted trim in no time.


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