How To Paint & Decorate Sneakers

Painting and decorating your sneakers are just some of the ideas that you can do to customize your footwear. You can show your character and personality through the designs and color of your sneakers. There are people or stores that do this for a fee. They do different designs and colors on sneakers. They also sell sneakers with a blank canvas that you can buy and have customized. This is a good option but it is really not personal. If you want to do this yourself, you can definitely do so. You only have to know the basics and the materials that should be used in painting and designing your sneakers. This article will teach how to do just that. Read on.

  • Gather the materials. You will need acrylic paint in different colors (acrylic adheres to the material of the shoes), different sizes of paintbrushes and the shoes that you will be designing. You can design your existing shoes or you can buy a new pair in canvas. Canvas is easier to be painted on. Chick Taylors are made of canvas. They have plain white sneakers that you can use on your project.
  • Print out designs. You can search online or in magazines for design ideas. For a more unique look, sketch your own design for a one of a kind pair. You can put your name on it, among other things. Exercise your imagination and creativity in making your design. There are limitless possibilities that you can do on your pair of sneakers.
  • Get your painting materials ready. Put paint in a palette or individual plates so that it will be easier for you to use the acrylic than when you use them straight from their containers. Use an individual brush for every color.
  • Start painting on your shoes. Be careful not to smudge any paint so that your design will look neat and clean. Use a small brush for small details and big ones for painting the entire shoes with its base color. You should have steady hands to achieve the perfect design. You can opt to cover the entire shoe with designs or you can just pick a spot where you will paint on your design. You have free rein on this. You are not limited by anything in doing this.
  • Dry the sneakers. After you have finished painting the pair, let them dry completely before using them. You run the risk of ruining the sneakers when you use the paint is still wet.

Isn’t it nice to customize your own footwear? They are unique and one of a kind. There is no one else who has your design because you did it by yourself. This is also a great gift idea. You can design sneakers that you can give to your family and friends on their special occasions. When you have mastered the art of customizing sneakers, you make it into a profitable business venture. You can start selling them online and accept orders. You can post pictures of your sample designs so that potential buyers will be encouraged to enlist your service.


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