How To Paint like Jackson Pollock

Paul Jackson Pollock is famous for his abstract paintings and his drip technique. Instead of the usual way of painting on a canvas, which is positioned in front of the painter, his canvas is laid on the floor. He also used paints that are used in painting house rather than artist’s paint. He poured and dripped paint on the canvas. He didn’t just use his hands for painting, he used his whole body. His unique painting style made him one of the famous modern artists. Paintings of well known painters like Pollock are very expensive. Art lovers who can afford these paintings buy these and include in their collections of art pieces. If you want to decorate your wall with a painting like Paul Jackson Pollock’s but you don’t have the bucks to buy these, you can try painting and imitate his style. All you need are cheap materials and your creativity to make your own masterpiece.

Here are the steps on how to paint like Jackson Pollock.

  • Prepare the things that you will need in painting. These are different colors of paints, different sizes of paint brush, stretched canvas and drop cloth to cover your floor. You can also use newspaper instead of drop cloth that you can lay on the floor where you will be painting. The size of your canvas depends on how big you want your painting to be. Aside from paint brush, you can also use plastic squirt bottles that are usually used as containers for ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Make sure to wear old shirt and pants so you can just dispose these if stained with paint. You can also wash and keep these if you plan to paint again so you don’t have to keep on disposing old clothes.
  • Select the area where to paint. Find an area in the house, which is spacious so you can work freely. If there are things around the area, make sure to move these away from where you will be working to prevent getting stained.
  • Cover the floor. You will be painting the canvas and not the floor so you need to lay drop cloth or newspapers on the floor to prevent paint from staining this. You want your floor to be clean like the way it was before you painted.
  • Lay the canvass and start painting. Once you covered the floor on the area where you will be painting, get your canvass and lay this on top of the drop cloth or newspaper. The front part should be facing up. Choose a color for the background of your painting then use this to paint the whole canvass. Let the paint dry. Once the paint dries, dip a large paint brush on another color of paint and swirl your hands moving in different directions so that the paint will drip on the canvas. Let the paint dry. Once dry, get a different size of paint brush and dip this on another paint color. Swirl the paintbrush again on the canvas for paint to drip. Repeat the steps until you’re satisfied with the result. Make sure to let the paint dry before applying another layer.

Try different movements and directions when drizzling paint on the canvas. Experiment and enjoy. Once done, you can put your artwork on a frame and hang this on your wall. Your friends will not even be able to tell the difference between your painting and a professional painter’s work.


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