How To Paint Monkey Mask: Art for Children

Painting monkey masks is a fun and easy art activity that is great for kids. It engages kids and opens the world of art and expression to them. It also hones their motor skills and develops their creativity. Parents, teachers, baby-sitters and even older children can easily do this project with smaller kids and have endless fun spending time together painting and playing. Here’s how you can start painting monkey masks with kids:

  • Get the masks ready. To paint a monkey mask, first you have to make the monkey masks. You can ask the kids to help or make their own, or you can do it by yourself. All you need are paper plates, scissors and rubber bands. If you do not have paper plates, you can get a piece of cardboard, trace a dinner plate on it (or draw a rough monkey’s face shape on it) and cut it out. You can add monkey ears by cutting and pasting cardboard at the sides then make small holes to insert the rubber bands. Alternatively, you can just make holes at the sides of the paper plate for the rubber bands, or attach a ribbon on the sides of the plate. The kids can then put on the rubber band for each ear, or tie the ribbon around their head.
  • Draw a monkey (or print a monkey template)! Once you have the masks ready, you can just draw a monkey’s face on it, or print a monkey’s face outlines and paste it on the mask.
  • Prepare coloring materials. Make sure you have enough coloring materials for the kids. The more kids you have, the more coloring materials should be available to lessen possibilities of fighting and tantrums. You can have crayons ready. Crayons are now available in different sizes and variations – some can be washed with water, some are erasable. You can also have colored pencils and markers. Better yet, you can start introducing them to student grade poster colors and watercolors if you think they can handle these.
  • Prepare the venue. Make sure your painting area has enough space for you and your kid, kids, or class. Also have paper towels ready so you can have easy clean up.
  • Paint! There is really no right or wrong way to paint a monkey mask. Just be sure you paint the monkey’s face, which could easily be a mass of brown on the paper plate. Leave out circles of white for the eyes, maybe paint some brown or black detail for the eyeballs. Add monkey brows, you can make these squiggly, straight, or curvy. Add red for the lips or to tint the cheeks. Leave out white (or color them yellow) squares or triangles for the teeth. If you will be using poster color or watercolors, teach the kids about mixing colors with the new medium. Encourage them to mix and combine colors to make new ones too.

Remember that painting is a fun activity, so let the kids experiment and do their own versions of monkey. Monkey masks can be blue like the monkey at Lion King, or red, yellow or any color. What matters is that the kids have fun and have a go at expressing their creativity.


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