How To Paint your Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure treated lumber is a lot way better than ordinary lumber. The lumber is exposed to chemical preservatives that make it more durable and sturdier. Plus, fungi and insects cannot live in this kind of treated lumber. This is not to mention yet that pressure treated lumber can stand even under the toughest of all weather conditions.

However, there is a serious catch when it comes to this kind of lumber. It cannot be painted the same way as you paint regular lumber. But with a few tips, you can be on your way of succeeding in this kind of task. Here, check out these tips for painting this kind of treated lumber:

  • Wait for the right time to paint the treated lumber. The chemical preservatives in the lumber can affect how paint adheres to the wood. Hence, it is important that the painting is not done right away. You must wait three to six months before you can paint the wood.
  • Stain the lumber to be painted. Paint adhesion on the wood becomes better if the lumber is stained first. Hence, after one or two months of treating the wood, stain the lumber to prepare it for painting.
  • Clean the lumber prior to painting it. A clean treated lumber has increased paint absorption. Hence, before you start painting, scrub the lumber surface using a stiff brush with a soapy solution. Afterwards, clean the surface thoroughly using clear water. Let the wood to dry completely before starting the painting process.
  • Prepare all the materials that you need for this painting task. Here are the things that you need: paintbrush, preservative for treated wood, and paint. Take note that the paint is not similar to the one you use for regular woods. It must be a paint that is specifically designed for this treated lumber. Also, keep in mind that pressure treated wood paint is more expensive than regular paint.
  • Apply preservative onto the treated wood. The preservative is necessary to prevent the wood from weathering. Though the treated lumber already has chemicals in it, applying preservative will act as additional protective layer to the wood.
  • Choose latex based paints over oil based ones. You can use oil based paints for painting this kind of lumber. However, latex based is a better option. This is true because latex is durable and can work better in wood.
  • Apply the paint onto the treated lumber. If you are painting a small wood area, use a paintbrush for the task. This is to ensure that you paint every nook of the wood. However, for larger painting projects, use a spray for a quality painting job.
  • Apply second coating of paint onto the wood. As a rule, before you apply second coating of paint, let the surface and the paint to dry first. Then, proceed on painting the wood again.

Though painting treated wood is a lot different than regular wood painting tasks, this is not at all a difficult one. Granted that you know the right things to do, you will succeed in painting this material just like how you paint the rest of the wood products at home or at work.


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