How To Pass the Geico Employment Test

The Government Employees Insurance Company or GEICO employs about 24,000. It provides auto insurance products nationwide. Its wide scope dictates its need for more employees. It’s always looking for the best people to fill the needed jobs. It even has its own job search feature, which can be used to easily search for GEICO career opportunities. GEICO wants the best people so the hiring process is not as easy and fast as in other insurance companies. There are designated GEICO employment tests that when passed will increase your chance of getting hired.

Follow the tips below and increase you chance of passing the GEICO employment test:

  • Familiarize the test. The set of employment exams will depend on the position you are applying for. Typically, the exam is composed of four sections, which are the computer literacy, role playing, English language skills, and reading comprehension.

    Computer literacy test will determine your skills and knowledge on computer. This will test your typing skills, knowledge on computer programs, and how to use the basic functions of computer. The world has been in the computer age for decades, so, passing this test should be easy for most applicants.

    Role playing test will usually apply for positions that require handling customers. This test will determine how you will handle different work-related scenarios.

    English language skills test will be assessing your communication skills, which is very important when working for GEICO. You should understand the language well and able to communicate effectively using it.

    Reading comprehension test will assess how you have understood what you just read. Your interpretation of the story will reflect how you’ll handle the same situations at work.

  • Consider the job description. Some questions in the GEICO employment tests are very tricky and will test your competency for the job. Sales persons, for example, should be decisive. The decisiveness of one person is determined by answering questions with multiple choices like “Strongly Agree,” “Somewhat Agree,” “Neutral,” “Somewhat Disagree,” and “Strongly Disagree.” You are decisive if you answered either of the extreme choices—Strongly Agree or Strongly Disagree. Choosing other answers could be translated to being an indecisive sales person.
  • Watch out for the subtext. Odd questions may seem unrelated to the work. Try to understand the subtext and you’ll know why the questions were asked. For example, how will you answer “I work best on my own,” true or false? Think about what GEICO wants from its employees. Answering “true” would mean that you are not a team-player but it could also mean that you can work without supervision. If your job requires you to be a team-player, then the correct answer for this is “false.” If the job requires you to be less supervised, then the answer should be “true.”
  • Familiarize the GEICO well. Visit the GEICO website and read about the company’s value, goals, mission, vision, and objectives. Frame your answers based on these.

The application process is preferred by GEICO to be online. The employment test will be held online, too. But the test online will not help you find the right answers. Use your wits and act as if you are the best applicant for the position. Think that way and you’ll correctly answer those tricky questions.


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