How To Pave a Driveway

As a homeowner, paving your drive is absolutely better and more practical. Imagine the trouble of having a dirt or a gravel driveway, especially in a rainy season. If you can pave your driveway with asphalt, you really don’t need to worry about your car. You are no longer going to have those pesky flying rocks. You also don’t think about if your car is going to be muddy or dirty.

Here are the steps involved in paving your driveway:

  • Begin by calling a gravel service. Order how much gravel is necessary to fill up your driveway. If can’t tell how much gravel is needed, you can always request the gravel service to do the estimate for you. Just note that you have to cover your driveway with gravel, between 2’ and 8’.
  • When your order is delivered, ask the gravel service to dump everything in an area near your driveway. You don’t want to waste time going back and forth.
  • Continue by marking the boundaries of your driveway.
  • Look for an asphalt mixer. If you are not skilled in mixing the asphalt, you can always contract an asphalt service. That’s also advantageous if you don’t have the required equipment.
  • Put your liquid cement into the mixer. Make sure that it has already melted. Then, add the asphalt mixture. Proceed by mixing them thoroughly. Be cautious about the heat coming from tour liquid cement.
  • Start spreading the asphalt. Do it evenly right across your driveway area. Borrow or bring out an asphalt spreader so you can handle the task well. You can also improvise if an asphalt spreader isn’t available. You can use any tool. Just make sure that the asphalt is spread smoothly.
  • After that, spread the gravel on your driveway. Make your layering tight and even. Aid yourself with a gravel spreader. You goal is to be able to scatter everything over the asphalt. You should complete doing this while the asphalt is still warm. You can get a drum roller so you can push down your gravel layer. It is going to improve the finish and save your driveway more impervious to natural elements. It is also going to make it more resilient to constant use.
  • Leave the asphalt to air dry. Give it at least a full day. As the asphalt layer cures and cools down, avoid passing, walking, or driving through the newly paved area.

You are surely going to enhance the look of your home when your paved driveway is properly maintained. Don’t hesitate to contract professional help if you expect to have a polished job. A paved driveway needs to be done well. Otherwise, it can readily waste everything – your money, your time, and your effort. It can also dampen your enthusiasm. So, call a family member, a close friend, or a colleague if you wish to get some recommendations from them. Of course, if you are confident about your construction skills, you can always challenge yourself to pull off the job. Aside from being cheaper, it is also going to be satisfying.


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