How To Pay Taxes Online with H&R Block Tax Cut Program

The advent of TaxCut has made filing and paying taxes a lot easier these days. With this leap from H&R Block, you can download an application in your computer and use it to pay for the taxes online. To know more about this tax-paying method, check out these following steps:

  • Work on the personal tax return. You can prepare your tax return through TaxCut online or through its downloaded version. This will help you determine the amount of taxes you are owing to the government. In case that you are expecting tax refund from the government, simply provide your bank account information in TaxCut or prefer to receive a check. The first one will allow the refund to be deposited directly in your bank account.
  • Pay the income taxes using a debit card. When you open the TaxCut program, you will be asked whether you want this option or not. If you go for a yes, you have to fill in your bank account information such as account name, account number, and branch number. The IRS will withdraw your tax payments directly from this account. However, take note that the TaxCut online payment program is only possible on April 15th or before this date. Late taxes cannot be considered in this program.
  • Pay through a payment arrangement online. In case that you do not have the capacity to pay the income taxes on the due date, apply for an installment plan to the IRS through filling up Form 9465. If your application has gained approval, the IRS will be debiting your account in a monthly basis. However, take note of the rules in terms of applying and managing a tax installment plan. For instance, there are three rules before you can qualify for an installment plan. These qualifications include: personal financial information to prove your inability to pay, tax owed that is less than 10 thousand dollars, and on-time filing and payment of taxes for the previous five years.
  • Pay your taxes using a credit card. It is true that payments in the H&R Block's office will require you a lower transaction fee. However, if you want to make your payments online, you can still do so using the TaxCut program with your choice of credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  • Wait for the notice of the receipt of your payment. For a more secured payment, wait for the online payment notice after you have paid for the taxes. This is to ensure that your tax payment went through as expected. Also, take note that there are a lot of scammers associating themselves with the IRS today. Hence, be very careful about filing and paying your taxes online. For instance, do not believe in people sending you emails and asking for your personal information. Take note that the IRS does not contact people through emails.

Thanks to H&R Block's TaxCut program, paying taxes to the government has never been this easy. Now, you can always find convenience in paying your taxes even in the comforts of your own home or in your office. Though you will pay a little bit more of a transaction fee here, every cent you pay for this fee is totally worth the convenience, peace of mind, and promptness this software is offering you.


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