How To Pick a Puppy

“When everyone else fails you, do not worry – you still have your dog.” This adage simply means that a dog is a man’s best friend. A dog will never leave the side of its master through thick and thin. Its unconditional love and loyalty to its master cannot be questioned.

If you want to have a dog of your own, it is best that you take one while it is still a puppy. Caring for a dog from puppy-hood is akin to caring for a child from the time of infancy. Your bond with them will blossom from the time of their growth until they reach adult age. When choosing a puppy, take note of the following tips:

  • Make your home dog-friendly. Prepare your household for the coming of a new member – the puppy. There are some adjustments to be made. For instance, you have to create a space in the house exclusively for the puppy. You may use one corner in the kitchen or the area under the stairs or perhaps an enclosure in the garage. Whatever spot you designate for your puppy, make sure it is safe, comfortable and dry. Also, you may have to protect some of your belongings from the puppy. As you know, puppies are like kids – they are playful and they might knock down your prized glass displays.
  • Make sure you can take the responsibility. Caring for a puppy is not a joke. Dogs are not accessories or decorations. They are living things, so they need food, space, attention and love. If you have no time to care for a puppy, do not get one. If your budget is limited to afford his food and periodic visits to the veterinarian, forget your plans of owning a puppy. Another thing to consider is – will there be someone to look after your puppy if you are out of town? If your neighbor is willing to do it, then go ahead.
  • Consider other pets in the house. If you have a cat, a lizard, a snake, a tarantula or a fish, think of ways by which your puppy will not intervene with these other pets. Cats, for instance, do not go along well with dogs. Now arrange a set up in which the two will not clash against each other.
  • Decide if you will take a male or a female puppy. If you are toying with the idea of breeding your dog, a female puppy is a good choice. Remember too that male puppies are quite aggressive.
  • Select the breed of the puppy depending on what type you can handle. St. Bernard and Great Dane breeds are cool dogs. They are big but gentle and calm. You may want smaller dogs, in which case you can opt for terriers. Chihuahuas are very small and very easy to carry along. Your choice depends on your capacity to handle certain breeds.
  • Confirm the health of the puppy. Get a veterinarian’s certification on the health condition of the puppy. Before taking it home, inspect first if it has some lesions, hair bugs, physical defects and so on.

Having a puppy can make a difference in your life. However you should realize the responsibilities that go along with being a pet owner. Do not buy a puppy just because everyone is doing it or that it will make a good addition to your collection of pets. Get one because you like it and that you believe that by owning a puppy, you will be able to cultivate your natural nurturing trait.


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