How To Pick a Women's Skirt Suit

There’s something very sexy and empowering about a woman in a suit. When you’re wearing a suit, you feel stronger, more confident, look more polished and put together. A woman in a skirt suit conveys professionalism, so thought must be given to ensure you choose the most appropriate and flattering skirt suit for your body.

Many designers create skirt suits for the working woman in mind. A skirt comes in various fabrics and colors. With so many styles to choose from, you may be wondering what the best skirt suit to get.

  • Get a pencil skirt. The most universally flattering style of a skirt suit is the pencil skirt. This skirt has a slimming effect on all body types, even plus sized women. The trick is to find a pencil skirt that skims your body. It shouldn’t fit too tightly so try it on before you buy.
  • Balance your proportions with a slightly flared skirt. For something a little different, try an A-line skirt. This is similar to a pencil skirt in that it skims the hips, but as it reaches the knees, the skirt flares out slightly. This allows you to walk more comfortably. If you have wide hips or you are top heavy, a slightly flared skirt will help equalize your proportions.
  • Get a skirt without any details. The best skirt suit has no front pockets. It also shouldn’t have any front pleats, which can make your look heavier around your midsection.
  • Check where the waist of the suit falls. When you try a skirt suit, it should sit right at the waist. This will give you the most support on your midsection. Skirts aren’t meant to be low waisted.
  • Get a length right above the knee. Where the suit ends is crucial for the perfect fit. The most flattering and appropriate length is a skirt that ends just above the knee. If your skirt is longer than this, it will end at the calves. This will cut off your legs at the widest part of your limbs, making you look shorter and fatter. If the skirt is too short, such as two to three inches above the knee, this makes it inappropriate for work. A mini skirt doesn’t belong in the workplace.
  • Check the fit. The skirt should fit comfortably. There should be no bunching. Sit down and check if the skirt rides up too high. Walk around and see if you can move around in the skirt. Go a size up if the skirt is too tight. If you try to squeeze in a skirt that is too tight for you, you won’t feel comfortable and it won’t look flattering on you.
  • Go black. The best color for a skirt suit is black. This can be paired with a variety of tops. If you’re looking for something more interesting, get other dark colors such as navy blue, charcoal gray and chocolate brown.

Buy the skirt made by the same designer or label as the pantsuit. This way, it will be an exact match in fabric and color. Take your suit to the dry cleaners so you can care for the suit properly. A good skirt suit should last you many years since it is a classic wardrobe piece.


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