How To Pick an Amethyst Birthstone

Those born in the lovely month of February are in luck. This is because they have one of the most beautiful birthstones in the year – the amethyst. With its deep purple hue, an amethyst birthstone is not only eye catching, it is also believed to have healing powers and can help increase psychic ability. In ancient times, it was associated with royalty.

It’s important to choose the right amethyst birthstone. The perfect amethyst can be worn as an accent piece of jewelry. When properly cared for, it can also serve as a valuable heirloom piece.

  • The darker the better. Amethyst comes in a variety of hues, from deep purple to lighter and pink toned stones. As a rule of thumb, the darker colored stones are more expensive than the lighter colored ones because they are more rare.
  • Decide how the stone will be used. Amethyst stones can be purchased as uncut and unpolished stones, or as processed pieces ready to be set in jewelry. If you are getting the amethyst to use it for decorative purposes in your home or to use it for space clearing or psychic activities, go with an uncut stone. These are sold by weight at crystal shops and appear to have countless crystal formations on the surface. On the other hand, if you are looking for an amethyst to wear, then choose a stone that has been cut and cleaned to showcase its luster in a piece of jewelry.
  • Choose the cut of the stone. Just like diamonds, an amethyst stone can be cut in a round brilliant cut, pear shaped and many other cuts. Check that the stone is cut in such a way that it reflects back as much light as possible to make it sparkle. It should appear flawless and there should be no visible scratches on the surface.
  • Determine the setting of the stone. The size of the stone will depend on how it will be used. If you want to set the amethyst as a pendant or in a ring, then find a stone the size of at least one carat or more. For earrings or a bracelet, find an amethyst that is half a carat or smaller. The larger the stone, the more expensive it will be. Also, the larger the stone, the more dramatic you can set it in a piece of jewelry since it will be very eye catching.
  • Determine the other precious metals or gems to be used with the amethyst. If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry with an amethyst birthstone, think about what you want with it. Do you want it set against silver? Do you prefer yellow or white gold? Platinum is also an option. Aside from the amethyst, do you want other gems included in the setting, such as diamonds? Setting the amethyst with a bit of diamonds is said to increase its positive vibrations.

Keep these in mind before you head out to the jewelry store to find the perfect amethyst stone. Try antique stores for a more unique and valuable find. If you choose carefully, you’ll find the perfect amethyst birthstone for you.


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